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  1. thanks for the replies guys. how can you tell when its time for a new water pump, is the there any tell tale signs? with the price of motors i'd hate to burn her up.
  2. i had the boat out last night and i noticed the indicator was just trickleing water out. i stuck a piece of wire up the hole and it started shooting water like it always has in the past. is my water pump getting weak or did i just have some dirt plugging it up?
  3. black tiger is a good color too.
  4. you can catch perch anywhere it seems. we caught em in the middle trolling leadcore for walleyes with cranks,we caught em longline trolling cranks in 12 to 14 foot and we caught em anchored up jigging for them. fish the south end or along the west side from templers to marble in 14 foot of water.
  5. sory for your loss. we lost our 5 yr old springer this spring and it sucks, but things will get better.
  6. we just had to put our female springer to sleep,so we are looking for a liver and white female. if anyone knows of a good breeder with some pups let me know. thanks todd
  7. great video. what kind of paint and clear are you useing? and where do you get it. thanks for posting the video.
  8. can the wood be replaced? if so id be interested.
  9. we got 165 rats the first week of season open water trapping. i might try some ice trapping after the first of the year.
  10. same thing here springerguy. tons of birds but they are sure jumpy. we managed to get 2,and should have had 3 if i could shoot a little better. hope they make it through this storm ok. id still like to get my springer down to visit one of your boys next time shes in heat.
  11. i agree with esox. fish spirit during the day. try trolling outside the weed line in 12 to 14 feet of water or cast husky jerk-baits over the weeds in 8 to 10. you could also head out into the basin and pull lead.
  12. great looking pup mongo. can i ask what you had to pay for the little guy? i might be ready to add another springer to the family.
  13. does anyone have any experiance with fixing a broken transom on a glass boat? how to do it or someone that does this kind of repair? thanks
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