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  1. buffelhead

    ND coyote hunting

    There is alot of coyotes out there! If you dont mind the drive, its worth it. The farmers are more than welcoming to anyone who wants to shoot the coyotes as well!
  2. buffelhead

    Fox with strange fur

    That is a good point too. I shot him near a chicken / hobby farm, so I am sure that is a possibility. I missed another one not far from there last weekend. It appeared much bushier.
  3. buffelhead

    Grand Slam

    Ok, thats what I figured. I usually mix it up, little buggers are pretty smart.
  4. buffelhead

    Grand Slam

    Chomp, how often do you call in the same spot? I have called in several fox in the same field over a few tries . I usually let the field rest for a week or so, but i have been challenged by yotes in a field, but not sure how long to wait before trying again.
  5. buffelhead

    Hot Weekend

    I cant believe how good this weekend was. Shot a red on Friday eve. Saturday,I called 3 spots. The first spot yielded nothing, or so we thought. When I stood up and looked down across the field, there was two fox just 50 yards from me along the fence line in the grass. Needless to say a running fox is difficult to hit! the second spot, the coyotes howled and when I answered, they replied with a challenge, the moon slipped behind some clouds at that time, so I am thinking they got down wind and end of story. The third and last spot, set up and called a fox in after about 30 minutes. I did not kill anything this night, but the strange thing is that at both the first and third spot, fox came in just minutes after I howled. I usually use blow a distress and once in a while turn on the electronic just to mix it up, and about 20 mins into it, I will howl. What works best for everyone else?
  6. buffelhead

    Fox with strange fur

    I spoke to an old trapper that agreed with the rubbed theory and he said that it is from freezing to the ground along with being "sun and snow burned". The good thing is that it was shot near a hobby farm. I am going to use the good portion of the fur for "patching" other hides that my .223 poked holes in. It is too bad that the rear fur is so crummy... oh well!
  7. buffelhead

    Fox with strange fur

    I just posted the pics. Let me know what you think, dont mind the bullet hole! It was a running away shot, the wound is not as bas as it seems, just a lot of blood! ;-) http://community.webshots.com/album/576550020sQdpLU
  8. buffelhead

    Fox with strange fur

    I will get some pics on here for you to see.
  9. I shot a red fox today with strange fur. It is beautifully furred out all the way down to the rear. At the rear all of the long hair seems to be not as thick and the tail is not very bushy. It is much lighter in color as is the rump. It is almost like it has been freezing to the ground and the long hair pulled out. I am not sure if I would call it mange, but I am not sure what a mild case would look like. Any thoughts?
  10. buffelhead

    hunter safety in ND?

    Go to this HSOforum. http://gf.nd.gov/ I hunted North Dakota for years, I have hunters safety, so it was never an issue. I would say that this HSOforum should greatly help!
  11. buffelhead

    Vizsla names

    I had a Viszla. After we got him home he turned into "Jimmy" The best pet I ever owned, but turned out to be gun shy and couldn't swim! What a dog!!