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  1. So let me get this straight....If I mix Stabil in my fresh fuel in hopes of preserving it for the next couple of months then I shouldn't mix it with Amsoil??? I thought this was OK???? Maybe I'm misinterpreting things up above. I know that you can't substitute Stabil in place of Amsoil, but I would think you have to add both the Stabil and Amsoil together into your auger tank to get the benefits of fuel preservation as well as lubrication.
  2. H2O

    Strikemaster Electra

    Thanks guys for the info. Any other input will continue to be appreciated!
  3. I am hopefully going to be getting a Strikemaster Electra soon and will only be using it in my permanent house. My biggest concern is how well it "re-opens" previously drilled holes. I know when I use my gas auger to re-open holes it often jumps around quite a bit and is fairly difficult to control. I was wondering if the Electra will do the same thing or will it be better because it drills with less RPM's.
  4. I recently sent in my Lazer Mag Express for a tune-up and coldn't be happier with the extremely fast turnaround time. Not only does Strikemaster have great products, their Customer Service in uncomparable.
  5. I had the same question about the Ice Castle I recently purchased. I actually called to where they are manufactured and they told me the weight should be on the pins. If you leave the weight on the cables, eventually they will snap.
  6. H2O


    Does anybody know if passports are required to enter Canada? I know that they keep pushing the date back and I haven't recently heard when the actual date will be when they are absolutely required. Thanks!
  7. I am beginning the search for a manufactured Deluxe Fish House and am seeking opinions and advice based on your experiences. In my research I've come across many of the "big names" you find in the popular magazines and newspapers.....Five Star, King Crow, AHOY, Ice Castle, Pro Fish, & The Lodge. I'm hoping to get some feedback on which are the most trusted brands as well as ones to shy away from along with any names that I failed to mention. I was also wondering how well the lightweight aluminum frames hold up to the abuse of rough terrain. Thanks.
  8. H2O

    Red Lake

    I am seeking advice for an ice fishing trip to URL this winter. I want to rent a sleeper house for a weekend and would like to hear some testimony on which resorts offer the best packages, accomodations, and service.
  9. When was the first year that Arctic Cat started producing the Bearcat model? Are there any specific years that had alot of troubles?
  10. A few buddies and I are hoping to line up a weekend excursion on Mille Lacs this winter and are seeking advice on which resort to stay with. We are looking at staying on the ice in a sleeper house and would appreciate advice on which places have the fairest rates, best service, and productivity. We will likely have 6-8 guys in our group and will be staying Friday and Saturday evenings.
  11. H2O

    Trailer Lights

    I'm taking your tips and pointers and putting them to use tonight as we will attempt to make the trailer legal. All the insight and advice should help us to get the job done. I ablsolutely love this site! Soooooooooooooo much information, conversation, and insight to basically everything you can think of. Thanks Guys. Fish On!
  12. H2O

    Trailer Lights

    A buddy of mine has some trailer light issues that could delay his plans for the opener. He asked me to assist him with the repair work and being my electrical skills are average-(at best), I thought I'd ask the experts on what I should be looking for when we get into it. He does have running lights, but no blinkers or brake lights. Would this be an issue with a bad ground wire or am I aiming at the wrong target? Suggestions are welcome!!!!!!!
  13. Sunscreen, extra sweatshirt/jacket, sunseeds, sunglasses, and a towel are always in mine along with much of the previously stated items.
  14. I'm adding another question to this: Should I spend the extra bling on the 15 amp vs the 5 amp or the 10 amp? I think the 15 amp is about $180 more than the 5 amp (Minnkota). Seems like a lot of money to basically speed up the charge time. Maybe it's worth it?
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