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  1. Did a 26lb turkey, just a dry rub/brine on the Big Green Egg for Tday and it was awesome. Took only 3 hrs of actually cooking time at about 325 to 350. I've been spitting birds like that for many years and it really speeds up the cooking time and gives a better result. The BGE makes life easy though too.
  2. Great job, nice fish. I'll give that a try this weekend. I forgot about using that technique.
  3. I've got a 150 Verado on a 18.5 Lund and it moves very well. I'm a big fella and it will hit 50 to 52. I love the motor and have no issues to date.
  4. Wow, thanks for all the great responses, so I'm glad I asked. I know many of you are hardcore during ice and Otter seems to have a great track record. I still welcome all points of view, this will help others too.
  5. Ok, I know this is a can of worms but I'm gonna ask for pros and cons of what people have already. I have a clam yukon that's close to 10 yrs old and is showing its age. I have no issues with Clam, just checking to see some other opinions of likes/dislikes with the other brands. I would like it to fit in the back of my truck so 65" or less, I fish two people and normally use it behind a wheeler, I very seldom hand drag my house. I will go thermal and have fished in a brand new clam two person(forgot model) and it was wonderful. So, if anyone has good or not so good experiences with any of the big brands I very much appreciate it, I'm likely to pull the trigger at the end of the season, I will make my current house work and then fix it up for a spare. Again, I know there will be lot's of loyalty flags being waved, but I've never fished in anything other than Clam so I'm curious what the others offer. Thanks, buddha
  6. I just bought the Px4 Storm 40 last weekend, haven't shot it yet but looking forward to it. I was deciding between the Smith M&P 9mm and the Beretta and the Beretta fit my hand better. All major brand guns are good so I am excited to try my new toy soon.
  7. I have two 870's, one Wingmaster that is close to 35 yrs old and has shot a ton of ducks and deer with the same barrel. A few years back I bought a slug barrel and made that my deer gun and bought a 870 express at a DU banquet for duck hunting. I love the gun, have had very little to no breakdowns ever. The express has served me very well and taken tons of abuse. I love the 870 so matter which model you choose or have chosen you will not be let down.
  8. Self butcher. We make ring and stick sausage too. Made 220 rings last weekend and will make summer sausage this spring. It's a fun hobby for sure.
  9. My 11 yr old finally made it happen. Not only did he get his first duck, which was a goose, he got his limit of 3 mallards, 2 widgeon and a teal. He also doubled twice!!! I hunted with my brother and a friend and all 4 of us never screamed so loud when he dropped that first goose. At that moment my son became a duck hunter as the excitment of all the birds, some misses and then finally connecting all came together. He has talked about it every day since and can't wait to get out for opener. I'm sorry for those who feel that it ruins their hunt, I guess you will just have to get over the self absorbing behavior but as long as my kids are old enough to have a chance to see and shoot at some birds I love the youth opener. Hey, I'm only 40 and I have been a die hard hunter since age 8 but I also had better duck hunting opportunites growing up. The areas I hunt have had worse hunting in the past few years so it has been a real challenge to get on birds myself, let alone a youth hunter. The youth hunt scares no more birds away then the first day of the "opener". The ducks stay and are huntable for weeks, it's always been that way and hasn't changed. Congrats to all the kids who got out and did some shooting.
  10. buddha

    Swim Ladder

    I have the ladder you are looking for and it's for sale! I had an Alumacraft with wide gunwales. It basically looks like the ladder in the picture above but it also has hardware that you mount so the ladder stays secure but is removed very fast. I have different boat now and that ladder does not work on my new boat. It's in excellent shape, PM me if you want to hear more. I tried to sell it at our garage sale this weekend but no takers.
  11. Sure I'll tell you what I did and if it helps anyone plan a trip that's great! I stayed at a lodge about a 4 hr drive north of Buenos Aires called Los Ombues Lodge. I have nothing but great things to say about my stay. There are many lodges in Argentina that offer dove, duck or both. I chose this lodge because it offers, duck, dove and perdiz all very close to the lodge, many lodges say they do but really don't. Again this lodge is not the cheapest. I paid 1200 something per day and that includes drink, food and lodging and they feed you and keep you lubricated very well. It does not include ammo and that runs around 14 a box. You can bring a gun, it's a hassle but people do it all the time, I rented theirs at 60 a day. My place was one of the more expensive lodges, there are others that start as low as 600 a day but that gets into a buyer beware situation. When you spend this type of money for a trip you want things to be as close to perfect as possible. There are tips for the bird boys and staff, this lodge asks for 100 a day and that covers everything, some places leave it up to your own discretion so you need to consider that too. Flights from Msp to Buenos Aires now are 1500 low end but run closer to 1800 to 2000 for standard coach class. I shot more ammo in three days of hunting then I ever dreamed anywhere else and I have had a few good hunts in my day. The bottom line is this trip is not cheap in any way and for most people is a once in a life time opportunity, so do the research and ask for referrals. This lodge has hosted some pretty big names and I was at the lodge with a pretty famous person and hunted the whole time with him and had a blast so reputation goes a long way with all of the lodges and repeat business is important. If you are looking for a rough estimate you can figure 7 to 10,000 with all the extras that come up in these type of trips. I advise anyone who can swing it to make it happen, the dove and duck hunting is so different then back in the states that it's worth it. Again, I went with a high end lodge and was treated accordingly, there are others that are cheaper and do have great results and treat their clients fantastic. I've met two other sets of hunters from the states while living here and they were at two different lodges hunting dove only and they had nothing but great reports. Please note, I am commenting on mixed bag hunting which is dove, duck and perdiz. You can do dove only for much cheaper then I am quoting and shoot like you can't imagine. Duck opens in May and goes till August, dove is open year around oh and you get to shoot parakeet too, it's the same green birds you see in a pet store. They are cosidered a pest around here so that is a added bonus. Any other questions I am happy to answer.
  12. Did my dream hunt in Argentina at the beginning of May and it was a blast. May is the open of duck season and so the colors are much like at home. I shot a Silver and Ringed Teal, Brazillian Duck, Rosey Billed Pochard, White Cheeked Pintail and a Widgeon type duck. No tree ducks for me but others in my group did. The weather was very warm and a full moon doesn't help as they feed at night here too. However, I shot my limit of 20 birds each day with no problems and they decoyed so wonderfully. I hunted in the Parana River system so there is plenty of water and birds. I also hunted Perdiz(quail looking) and dove. The dove hunting was unbelievable and it wasn't even the high season. I shot 73 boxes of shells at dove alone and I didn't even work it that hard. I will work very hard to get down here again, I live here currently so it saved me a few bucks for a flight but the cost outweighs the amount of shooting and types of birds you get to see. I hunted dove 3 evenings about 2 hrs each and duck 3 mornings.
  13. buddha

    CanAm 4 wheeler

    Funny, I have a 2006 and the hour meter and mph quit all of sudden, but it still lights up and has never cut out. Could there be a fuse issue?
  14. Has anyone on this site been featured as a "Life Member"?
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