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  1. On Sunday 09/16 my bow slid out the back of my open tailgate. At the time I was at Mike Richter’s Threshing Bee in St. Charles, MN at the intersection of Hwy 74 and West 1st street. I’m not certain if it fell out right away or somewhere in St. Charles. A lost report has been made with the local police department.
  2. On Sunday 09/16 my bow slid out the back of my open tailgate. At the time I was at Mike Richter’s Threshing Bee in St. Charles, MN at the intersection of Hwy 74 and West 1st street. I’m not certain if it fell out right away or somewhere in St. Charles. A lost report has been made with the local police department.
  3. Might not be close, but then I didn't see your guess No monsters yet this year, e-mail me at work your new e-mail address and I'll keep you posted what I'm seeing. I'm head to Mille Lacs this weekend in chase of a nice walleye or two, so we'll see how that goes.
  4. While I have never hunted out there, some people I work with have. They offer many different hunting opportunities and group hunts similar to others, but perhaps are less crowded. Call and ask for Rob Enedy. Rob will hook you up with a good hunt and can also assist with any dog training issues you might be having. Good luck.
  5. I purchased a ladder / buddy stand two years ago in hopes of taking the youngster with hunting. Last year I hunted in it twice by myself. The first time I say in it i didn't have any camo around the frame to shield my movement and was a little worried that the deer would spot me. The first morning in the stand I took a doe (dumb doe maybe) but nonetheless still was able to harvest the deer. The are easy to sit in for a long time and with a little camo around you to mask you leg, hand movements, you can get away with a lot while sitting there. I would say I still prefer a good portable to get higher, but for certain area's (hillsides or edges) they seem to work just fine. Good for the kids also.
  6. There were a lot of deer moving this morning before first light. Several close calls while driving to location. Hunted early morning near creek bottom. Bumped three deer on my way in not what I wanted. At 9:00 I relocated to another location where I new they would be picking 40 acres of corn today. At 10:00 I climbed on stand, they had not started to pick yet. At 10:10 I had a nice eight pointer, 130 class I'm guessing, come walking along the corn. Just before he would enter my first shooting lane, he angled into the corn and towards the next wooded point. I tried grunting at him, he stopped twice, but continued on. Once the corn picking started, not much happened. It was extremely winding today. Tomorrow is supposed to be calmer all day - hopefully the deer will be moving more.
  7. MONDAY Cannon Falls area - not much action. Really slow in fact. Only had one small buck respond the antlers in the morning. TUESDAY Hunting SE again, this is SE of Rochester. Morning Hunt - sat in valley, amlost no wind this morning and quite cool, truck read 27 deg when I got to the farm this morning. Didn't see a single deer in the area I was hunting. Wind picked up a bit later in the morning. Did see two doe that were kicked off their beds about 10:30 or so. Stayed on stand till 11:30. Afternoon - got back on stand about 12:30 in a different location. Started seeing deer about 4:00, then constant action till sunset. Had to scare deer away from stand, then when I climbed down another was still there about 20-30 yards from the stand. Bucks were chasing does all night. Area where I was hunting was on a ridge, corn still standing. Deer came from both the corn and the woods / ravine.
  8. I think most of what I heard was local people at home on the farm / home. The land I hunt is closer to Vasa.
  9. Hunted AM till about 10:00 - that when the rain started. A doe and two fawns were bumped off their bed and came running by at high speed. Then from behind me came a long tine 5/6 pointer. He was interested in the doe, but she was not interested in him. This activity was from 8:00-8:30. Hunted around Cannon Falls in the afternoon, woods was very quiet, except for those who were sighting in their deer rifles and shotguns. Didn't see anyting while on stand from 3:15 till dark. I'm on vacation this week all week. I'll try to post an activity report each day.
  10. Friday 10/28: Got on stand about 3:00pm, put out 3-4 scent wicks, climbed on stand. 3:20, in comes a 1.5 year old 8 pointer. At 5:00, I tried rattling, rattle in the same deer again. Saturday 10/29: Creek bottom - around 8:00am had a 1.5 8 pointer and a yearling buck come in. Then about 8:30, another 1.5 year old 7 or 8 pointer, this buck bedded down by the creek about 20-25 yards away. At 9:00 or so, all heck broke loose, here came what would have been a 10 point buck, being chase by another buck. The 10 pointer was missing the entire left side of his rack, likely broke off in a fight. The chaser was a heavy racked 8 pointer. This buck hung up behind some cover after he felt the other deer was no longer a threat. I waited to draw till he entered my shooting lane, then tried to get him to stop – but he wouldn’t have anything to do with my grunt. He then circled around the cover and proceeded back the way he came. Near as I can tell, this 8 pointer is the dominant buck and was likely chasing all the deer my way this morning. Tonight I sat on a ridge, overlooking the root river. Saw one yearling buck and a real nice doe. Then as I was leaving stand, two bucks started going at it in the corn field. The fight lasted about 1-2 minutes, a snort, a wheeze and one of them taking off through the corn. Hopefully, we’ll continue to have good action.
  11. Rumor has it you usually shoot 10 deer to get to 500lbs - is that correct?
  12. I'm not sure of the brand, but on Sat 10/15 while at a pro shop in Burnsville a guy was asking about a new lighted sight. The staff at the shop said they have equipped some bows with these sights, but people are having a hard time adjusting the sight. I think the adjustment problem is more of a design problem than a function of the light though.
  13. Hunting SE of Rochester, MN. Last Friday I had a 2.5-3.5 buck come through early in the morning. Made a scrape behind me and then passed by. Saturday 10/22 two differnt younger bucks were trailing does past my stand. The bucks were 50-75 yards behind the does, not pushing them, just following. Saturday night I sat in a new stand location I hung Friday. No scrapes on Friday, but a new one within eye sight on Saturday night. Activity anyway. I haven't had any positive responses to calling or rattling. My cousin was able to stop a buck with the antlers on Sunday night, but received no real interest as the buck only acknowledged the sound.
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