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  1. Way to go Boar!!!! Thanks for calling & sharing the hunt w/me on it too. (However, I hope your voice someday returns to its usual lower tone). You keep taking them big boys and I'll keep you ballistically supported until my turn comes around... With that said, yes I dig shooting at a distance, but under those conditions I am not sure I would have made a 10' shot & maintained control of my bowels at the sametime.. Again, Great job Bro!! Nodak
  2. Waxing works best. If you dont wanna wax, use CLR (removes Calcium, Lime and Rust find in grocery stores everywhere) and mix in a spray bottle... But a good wax is best as it is preventative mx for your paint/hull also...
  3. All legal calibers for the state I am hunting in at the time.... I think the perfect white tail bullet is 100-140 gr. 100 grainers outta my 243/6mms. 100/120's outta my 25's and 140's outta my 7's.. But then again 250grs outta my 50 cal smokepole kicks deer butt flat down now!! And I really like to pick up an traditional 45-70, load it with 777 & 400-500 grain buff bullets that would be super cool. The key is to remember is there is no perfect caliber/bullet/gun, only one perfect shot!!! If it isnt what feels like a perfect shot, dont take it. Rod
  4. Hey now!! I am "sheetrocking"!! Boar, good luck and I was happy to note you left your cell phone off last night.. Unlike the udder brudder... Ready for the river, called Marilyn and verified our reservations. Gizzert, had my young uns over on your side of the river and the youngest lost at boat side, a smallie that would have went 5++++. Good luck to all you bear guys!! May your piles be hit and your aim true!!! Viggy Stardust..
  5. Hi Mike, It is a pretty small town, between Pick City and Riverdale, you probably have a population base of 4-500. Bait is available, lodging is your pretty basic no-name "Motor-Inn". Sporting good stores, no. But it depends on what you want or need. Your basics will be covered by the local bait shops but if your looking for a real selection then stop in Bismarck. Its getting to be a deep crank bite on the lake. Deep Reef Runners, Bombers, Smithwicks, big & deep minnow baits.... State park for camping if thats your route. But yes a good place to launch outta. You can fish the lake and the river from there.
  6. I subscribe to the "Max the HP to Hull" thought. Below are some of my reasons. 1. Safety - will not be underpowered in bad conditions. Also when having more than say 2-3 folks in boat, The tag may say 5 folks/950 lbs, you are not safe in less than perfect conditions at near max with half the rated hp. It gets hairy enough with 2 large norwegians, alot of gear and trying to get back to the ramp in 4' seas, I want all the power I can have back there. 2. Resale - Who wants to buy an 18' console boat with a 50 hp motor. The guy selling it is not happy with the combo, just ask him. Its a marketing ploy to get you into a the boat you really want at the price you want. 3. Pride/happiness in having the best combo for that hull, knowing your safe, not underpowered and you have decent resale value. Just a couple reasons of why I say go with max hp. Rod
  7. Hey Guys, thanks for the responses.. Yep, I am in need of supplies and I simply hate mail order & internet shopping. I like to touch, feel and inspect what I purchase. It never fails I need a token components that costs a couple $ and I spend more in shipping.. With that said, I do have the 3Rivers catalog and will prob order my trinkets I need. They are a great company to deal with.. However, Scoot I will go talk to Tom, I need some cedar shafts for my girls recurves.. Again, thanks guys for the response and apologies for my rant on mail order shopping... Rod
  8. Is there a archery shop in the Fargo Moorhead area that caters to Traditional archery? Stickbow stuff, ya know.. Rod
  9. Gothcha Covered!! Keep us advised. Rod
  10. From what your saying, sounds like there "blowing out" to the side. One of two things: Out of tune or running to fast. I suspect they are simply out of tune. Use a crosslock/duolok and tune em up to run straight. Gently tweek the eye of the crank in the direction you want it to go..... Good luck..
  11. Basically, what Northlander said!! If they go farther out or in than 1.5" (parallel of your line) they need tuning.. Dont need no stinking special tool, needlenose is all I use. Again, Nothlander could not have "splained" it easier... Once you see an outta tune R/R and try to tune, it'll come together.. Rod
  12. Hey Dockboy! Hope your out and trolling. Your in for some of the best fishing of the season now, really hard to beat fall trolling. Sounds like your rigged up pretty good. Dont be afraid to "upsize" your cranks now. Now is prime time to start running the big profile cranks. HJ's in 12 & 14, Bomber 25's, Thunderstiks, and my favorite go-to late summer/fall crank; Reef Runners in Purple Demon & Texas Red. (make sure their "tuned", R/R's are notorius to tune but patience & small tweaks work wonders). Again "WARNING": Cranks are addicting!!!
  13. Best advise, go out with someone who trolls cranks and observe and absorb. Offer to pay for his gas or whatever it takes make him your best buddy, till you feel confident. Or find a guide and tell him you want to learn... Well worth the 150$ a day for lessons... You could easily spend that on "wrong/inappropriate equipment". If thats not an option: A quick rundown on basic entry level equipment: I suggest you go to your local sporting goods store, big chains such as Gander, Cabelas, Scheels. Find the trolling rod/big water rod selection and choose a medium/lite or medium action rod either in a 7' or greater( dont need to spend a lot of $ on a trolling rod). Look for the ones marked "Planer Board or Downrigging". Good backbone and a soft tip are what you want.. I personnaly like the med lite downrigging rods for flatlining cranks, really soft tip that telegraphs how my lure is running. Get yourself a Diawa accudepth 27 or a sealine (sealines are twice as much, but you get what you pay for also) Or if you have a decent bait caster already, get a line counter you attach on the rod. Linecounters are not necessary, but are extremely conveniant. Get it spooled up with 10 lb mono or braid, your call. Positives and negatives to either. Get a handfull of deep shad raps to start with (beware, buying cranks is addicting). MUST GET a copy of "Precision Trolling", 8th addition is most current. Pick up Walleye Critical Concepts 3 & 4. This will bring your knowledge base up drastically. Do a search on tolling for walleyes. Dont be afraid to ask questions.. Rod
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