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  1. I heard on the news this morning that the parents and a sibling of the two year old are all in critical condition. I guess their house exploded in the storm. I would avoid Hugo today. This morning it was one big traffic jam. Kunk
  2. What Swanlakebud said has a lot to do with it. You want to trim the motor for the speeds you usually run. Then adjust the tab to make it run straight without pulling. I have a 17ft with a 55 on it. If I trim it all the way down it pulls bad. As I trim it up the pull eases up and if I trim it up too far it actually pushes back against me. Finding the trim and adjustment of the tab is the key, at least in my case.
  3. I also had the service people tell me to use the cheaper ones. When I used the more expensive ones my furnace would overheat.
  4. You might want to try the Shed Shop. I had them come out and put up mine. I didn't have time to do it myself. Very happy with it.
  5. kunk

    House Siding

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate all the input. At least now I can have a half way intelligent conversation when I get estimates.
  6. I'm planning on having the house sided this spring. I know nothing about siding and would like some input if anyone has any. I have masonite on the house now and it's garbage. Looking for something I never have to worry about, but don't know which would be best. Which is the best and how expensive is it? Which would be the best compromise between cost and durability? Any info would be appreciated so I know where to start. It's not a big expensive house so I don't want to go too overboard. Thanks in advance.
  7. We have 2 Urekas, a Timberline and a Space 12. We've been through some pretty rough weather and haven't gotten wet yet.
  8. On the subject of a door between upstairs and downstairs. I couldn't quite get everyone with the program, so I put a spring hinge on mine to close the door for those who wouldn't. No more frustration.
  9. I myself wouldn't cook in a galvanized (zinc plated) container. I'm in the fastener business and was told long ago that welding zinc plated fasteners gives off toxic fumes.
  10. If you use a generator at all you'd best shut off the main switch where the power comes into the house. That would keep power from going back down the lines and getting to anyone working on them. If your using your generator, there's probably an outage and someone is trying to fix it. I believe then you can connect to any outlet, but all that is hot is that circuit. I have to issue a disclaimer here that I'm not an electrician either, and would advise that you consult one. If your 220 is on a circuit by itself it may not work. This one is apparently connected to the whole house. I've had to use it twice and the whole house was hot. 4000 watts lit up the whole house and the refrigerator. If you have a cord made for this I would have it made long enough to run the generator outside. Mine's 20 ft. You don't want to run that thing too long in the garage. Hope this helps. I had the basement done in 1999. The only reason I did this was all the talk about Y2K and having an electrician right there. Seemed like the prudent thing to do at the time, but worth it.
  11. A few years back I was finishing my basement and had the electrician out. I had also purchased a generator for work at the lake, so asked him to fix me up for the house. He just put in another circuit on the box with a breaker, a 220 outlet, and made me a double male ended 220 cord to hook up the generator to the box (which is in the garage). If I need it I shut down the main switch and turn on the switch going to the generator and start it up. Cost me $100. It would probably be more with a special trip out. Works great.
  12. I guess it's just your frame of reference. Years back I was single and invited a friend and his wife to come with me to the resort I was going to back then. We had a cabin, heat, stove, bath, etc. When we went home they thanked me for the great camping trip, and always remembered that as a camping trip. I never had the heart to tell them that it wasn't really camping. To them is was.
  13. Thanks Guys, Oyster stew has always been a tradition in our family, but mom died in October, so I'm on my own now to figure it out. I'm the only one in the family that liked it, and she didn't have a recipe written down.
  14. Anybody have a good but simple recipe for oyster stew?
  15. kunk

    eskimo augers

    I use an Eskimo that's 25 years old. Starts on 2-3 pulls, and cuts really well. I'm not buying another one until it quits altogether.
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