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  1. Have not heard of any in the Blue Earth. Mankato has a couple of good ones.
  2. Bowtech bought Diamond out. From what i know Diamond is manufacturing the same bow they did before Bowtech bought them out. As far as saving a few hundred $, that is something you have to decide. Bowtech and Mathews are costly bows. But they also produce 2 of the best bows out there. You need to visit several different pro shops and stores and just try them out. Each retail outlet carries different manufactures. Cabin Fever carries Bowtech and Mathews along with hoyt I believe. Not sure about the hoyt. I would just call a couple of places in your area and see what they have and go out and have fun trying different types out. Then make your decision based on what you felt was the best for you. Good luck.
  3. Nice eyes. Can't wait to get out there. We are leaving Monday night for 5 days of slamming the eyes. We have been going out there for over 10 yrs during the winter time and have a great time out there. We stay at Allens Hillside Motel. He has the best service around. Offers snacks when you get back from fishing. And alwasy has a bottle of wiskey to hammer down a couple of free cocktails. They have some great guides that work for them also. Has anyone stay here before? If not I would highly recommend them. Talked to Gary a couple of days ago and the bite is on. The river is opened up for miles south of the dam. WEEEEEEEEEE!
  4. i would recommend Cabin Fever in Victoria. They have a great selection of bows and Jeff and Brian are the greatest ppl to deal with. I live in Richfield and I went to them even tho I had to drive a bit it is worth it. Best customer service around. Talk to Brian. Tell him Allegiancefreak recommended him.
  5. You need to really checkout hso_archery_forum.com. They sell alot of quality bows cheap. You can get top bows for reasonable price. Also check out the Bowtech Tomcat. Great bow and it comes complete for $500. Sweet bow. You can also sign up for hso_archery_forum.com and leave a post about what a good bow setup is for under $500. Depending what time of day you post it you will get serveral answers within a couple of hours. The people there are great. I always use it and get good sound advice for all. This forum is a great 1 also but hso_archery_forum is used by people all over the world. You can get some great ideas there. Good Luck
  6. LMAO. Good guess WB!!!!!! But everyting I said is true. And after I add one more option to my bow my Allegiance will be like shooting a 44 magnum with a silencer!!!!!. By the way, did you get your switchback?? I will have to say that it is a nice bow. But I just preferred the Allegiance.
  7. Santa Claus has a contract with Bowtech this year and he is only delivering the new Binary Cam ows this year.
  8. Not sure what he means by a Bowtech sounds like a gun going off compared to a Mathews. I own the Allegiance and mine is alot quieter then the Switchback. I shot both bows and took the Allegiance over the Switchback hands down. If you are thinking Bowtech tho, go with the 05 series bows. The new Binary cam system rocks. Fast and accurate in 1 bow. It used to be if you wanted speed you had to give up the accuracy. But not with the new Bowtech. My Allegiance rocks. And if I could ever get the X's to stop moving it would be a hell of alot more accurate. I know my dealer shots my bow and he hits the x all the time. But when I get up there the darned thing seems to keep moving. LOL
  9. If you are looking at getting the Switchback, I would highly recommend trying out the Bowtech Allegiance. Sweet bow. I tried both the switchback and Allegiance and ended up with the Allegiance. Loved there new technology with the Binary cams. Also it is fast and deadly accurate. Quietier also then the Mathews i think. But you have to decide what fits you the best. Good luck with your purchase. My wife also let me make the purchase after nagging about it long enough. I am man enough to know that she wears the pants in my family. LOL
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