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  1. I think your friend should have stuck his hand down the throat of the northern and pulled him out!!! Worry about the hospital bill later.....Good time to invest in a gaf hook!!!!
  2. Its a place to start....the carb might need more work also. If you can get the track off the ground so you can rev the engine up and get it warmed up some would help get the cobwebs out of the engine!!!
  3. I would take compressed air and blow out both cylinders, I would turn the engine over as you are blowing in air, and put in new plugs and try that. Do you have good compression? These were pretty good sleds....If you want to sell it...I would be interested...
  4. Could you send me info and pictures to: [email protected]
  5. Any idea how much a 37 inch pike would cost??
  6. gamakatsu - Do you have Ted's phone number, i have a pike i would like to get replicated. Thanks
  7. Thanks again....I have only had the black stuff..but I liked it but always thought it wasn't fully cooked..now I know why...I am anxious to try the real stuff..I'll have to talk with the locals and see if I can get some from up there..thanks again...I learn something new every day!!!
  8. Thanks....I was wondering how you could tell the difference between pond rice and wild rice. We have 40 acres next to Red Lake and get up there every couple weeks.
  9. If you saw how many of these one pound fuel tanks were floating on the shoreland next spring, you would never use them again, its disgusting to see the waste and disrespect for the lake. We use a eleven pound tank with a long hose, then let the tank sit outside and just have the stove sit inside, makes for alot more room in the house. I believe its cheaper also to fill a larger tank and you don't have to do it very often!! Its a neat setup....
  10. Where can I purchase the real wild rice and how much does it cost?
  11. I use Canola oil. Because of the mess I don't cook in the house and make a mess of my wifes kitchen. I use a two burner propane cook top and cook outside, I won't even cook in my shop because of the mess. When cooking outside,there isn't any mess to clean up and the smell stays outside also. When eating these made this way I feel like a King!!
  12. Thanks to everyone who posted on this subject. Many good comments that I will use. While my budget is small I will begin with a chainsaw and start clearing a path. I want to make a trail nice enough so my wife and I can take some walks and see grouse etc. Thanks again.....
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