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  1. Von Hansons Maple goose sausage is to die for!
  2. Wow sorry all I slipped this into the wrong forum Maybe it can be moved? Sorry G
  3. Horizons community church Hunt and Fish Ministry 1503 157th Ave NE Ham Lake, MN 5:30-8:00 This is an Outreach Ministry that creatively guides people to Jesus Christ through the outdoor activities of hunting and fishing. 9th Annual Wild Game Dinner on Sunday night, April 7 beginning at 5:30 for dinner, music, silent and live auction and much more. donation/tickets are $15.00 each and can be purchased on line at www.horizonscommunitychurch.com www.huntfishbelieve.com There are a few tickets left for the event this Sunday April 7th Get them online or PM me here. Similar to PF banquet except with a Christian theme 100% Money raised supports 4 local mission objectives: Horizons youth missions trip to MX Beyond Horizons Thrift store and food shelf supporting Anoka county Anoka counties only shelter for homeless youth Hunt and fish ministry events -Veterans launch trip on Mille lacs with Captn Ron Thanks all Gary luv2rapala at yahoo dot com
  4. Dude, Where do you live? I would be happy to come out and relieve you of the stuff including the spool of braid from last week you listed. [email protected]
  5. That means 4 colors is all that is on the reel. Leadcore does not do well rubbing on rod tips or in releases. You will be disappointed if you try leaving the leadcore at the rod tip or in a release. Some guys will do segments like 3 colors then mono for 50 ft then 4 colors and then mono- that way then can let out 3 colors and clip on the mono on a board etc..
  6. The best one I have ever tried - and it can be done while camping! Bacon Wrapped Grilled Salmon Filets Use 2 small salmon filets or cut 1 large filet into halves � filets should be skinned. Remove the reddish-gray fat from the skinned side. � The lateral bones (pin bones) should be removed with a pliers or sliced out with a knife so that the filet is totally boneless 1. You will need to use a fish-grilling basket. Spray the basket with Pam to avoid sticking. 2. Lay down a layer of bacon cross ways on one side of the grilling basket. You will need enough strips to cover the length of the filets. 3. Next rub the filets with olive oil (vegetable oil can be substituted). The filets should be seasoned with a seasoning salt (I prefer Morton?s). 4. Place one filet on top of the bacon strips. 5. Next place a layer of finely sliced onion (1/8?) on the filet, then a layer of finely sliced tomato (1/8?), and then a layer of finely sliced green pepper (1/8?) (cut into rings). 6. Next place some grated Parmesan cheese on top of the veggies. (you can substitute cream cheese with jalopena slices for a spicier treat) 7. Then place the other filet on top. 8. Then pull the bacon strips over so both filets are wrapped. (You may need a second layer of bacon on the bottom and one on top if the filet is more than 4? wide). 9. The grill should be heated indirectly (coals on either side and a drip pan below the grilling basket). Cover and cook for 20 minutes or until the bacon is crisp and then turn the basket over and cook for another 20 minutes or until the bacon is brown and crispy. There is no way that you can overcook the fish, the filets stay very moist with bacon on the outside and the veggies inside. luv2rapala Algoma countdown t-18 days
  7. Saw this on Mpls a-sales-site - get the word out [email protected] While driving down the road today I came across someone's hunting gear. I decided to pick it up out of the road for a couple of reasons. 1. people were either driving over it, or swirving to miss it (neither is safe). 2. I'd hope that someone would do the same if it were my gear. While I could make use of it, I'd prefer it get back to the rightful owner. I can only imagine the anguish he is feeling right about now....getting up to the hunting spot only to find some important items are missing. So I figured even though it's a longshot, I'd advertise and see if the owner and I cross paths. Ask around and see if any of your buddies had the misfortune of losing some gear. If so have them contact me here describing what was lost in detail. The rightful owner will know what is missing, what brand(s), size(s), color(s), number(s) of each item. Thanks.
  8. The cabelas brand (depthmaster II) line counter reels on clearance for 19.99 each 15, 20 and 30 sizes (I think)in store only I know they are not top end - but for 19.99 it's easy to add a couple to the arsenal. luv2rapala
  9. I have had decent luck with Insurance brokers of MN I use the agent in Blaine (Eric Jensen) they got me AAA at reasonable rate. luv2rapala
  10. Thank you to everyone who attended and to all the volunteers that made this event so much fun. While the weather on Sunday afternoon really scared away some folks we still had a great time with incredible food and some amazing, really amazing people from Teen challenge. Wow- that was cool. Hopefully we can make it 9 in row next year! Thanks again, Gary
  11. Walleye fishing the Cabelas reels will be OK - it would be very risky on a salmon. Not sure I would pull leadcore with the Cabelas either. I would not take the accudepth either - sealines or tekotas only in my boat for salmon! [email protected]
  12. We would love to you come out and join us- it will be a great night. There is roughly 120 tickets left and they are going fast. Hey goose - is that the tourny on Gull? I have heard allot of really cool things about that weekend. Reinhard- we must be neighbors- I am just under a mile south of the high school Gary
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