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  1. Would like to see Manning and team win but my money is on Carolina
  2. OK Airjer, how can I catch up to you when you pick the same drivers as me? I will bet you we end up with three different drivers this week!
  3. I'm in. Thanks for doing it again this year airjer.
  4. Any body else think this race seemed to be run by a predetermined script?
  5. I admit I have never been a Jr. fan. But I have to admit he is now driving like he wants the championship. I always felt he was unable to tell his crew chief exactly how the car was handling so proper adjustments could be made. It will be hard to beat the Hendrich cars.
  6. Entered a tourney did not know it was a dead fish event. Sad i fish this lake often. was surprised at rules meeting. Fish must come in dead and tagged. This sucks. if I do get a 27" or more I would not want it dead. Did not know a tourny existed as this. Am I wrong on this thinking?
  7. Pretty much casting a jig and minnow or plastic into the rocks for the first week. Never have had much luck with cranks until water temp gets up to mid 50s.
  8. Not sure what the water pick up for the live well is on your boat but it usually is a threaded tube through the transom. With a reducer you can hook a garden hose up direct. Was at a dealership this summer that did this to all new boats.
  9. LoonAsea: Why the inline boards instead of your Mast? You hooked me on the mast system a few years ago.
  10. the last two years we have done best with lead core setups on Superior. I only use two down riggers and two dipsies. The rest are leadcore.
  11. yaggie


    I guess I was finally right.
  12. yaggie


    By the time the smoke clears Gordo could be in!
  13. Thanks for the info. We are leaving early Friday and fish till Monday. Will report back on how we do.
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