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  1. I have not recieved any pics, something must be messed up. I live in Eden Prairie, is their a good time to come and see it?
  2. Hey bgfish00 We are starting a vintage club, dose the front have the leaf spring for suspension?
  3. I would not recomend this buy. Make sure you go into this purchase knowing that ANY sled is high maintance. The newer and less miles more likely to do less maintance. I just don't see you happy with that purchace. I would rather see you save up an extra $440-600 and get someting that would serve you better. The more happy riders we can get out and about the better.
  4. Hey Calinist I did not receive any pics last night, I just wanted to check and make sure it is not on my end. Thanks again
  5. Hey Calvinist I hate to make you send more pics, but I don't understand what it realy looks like. Could you send me some [email protected] Thanks
  6. BassPatrol where are you located in St. Paul? I am Eden Prairie and would like to look at the lx-3, what time works the best for you? Thanks 612-581-5837 call if you would like.
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