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  1. wayne123

    You Just Never Know

    Great -- Be sure to play video games once in a while with him if you don't already. You may be pleasantly surprised again.
  2. wayne123

    Needed: Boat Lift Hand Crank

    Some marines will sell you them. Figure out the brand of boat lift and then figure out who sells that brand and call them.
  3. wayne123

    Fishing with my boy!!!

    Very nice!
  4. wayne123

    Reading a lake

    I would start with the midlake structure.
  5. wayne123

    Buying lake property 101

    I think talking to the neighbors is a good idea but do not take what they say as fact. When we bought our cabin the neighbors all told us we could not add on. Before we bought it we got a letter from the county saying we could as long as we met certain requirements. I think it would be nice to start with raw land but you will have more options if you consider lots with cabins on them. If you want a sandy beech on a prime lake you will probably have to buy something with a cabin already on it.
  6. wayne123

    Floatation for Infant Car Seat

    I would say that a clear day on a quiet lake and going slow is as important as some type of floatation. I would not want them shaken too much by waves. Stay close to some place where you can get off the lake quickly if the weather changes. When our kids were too small for life jackets we put them in the car seat with a life jacket tied to it. It would not float them upright but I felt safer having them in a car seat because it eliminated the risk of them slipping out of someones hands.
  7. wayne123

    Down Imaging versus Regular Sonar

    Thanks for the replies. It helps when people have hands on knowledge.
  8. I went to buy a Lowrance Elite-5 DSI Fishfinder/GPS ($380) but found out it does not have regular sonar only down imaging. I assumed that a locator with down imaging had regular sonar. Then I found out the same unit with regular sonar is $500. I think if I had to pick down imaging or regular sonar I would pick regular. Any opinions on this matter would be helpful.
  9. wayne123

    side imaging or down imaging locator

    Thank you for the great information. I wish I had a larger budget for a locator!
  10. wayne123

    Pontoon Rebuild

    Thank you. I might pick one of those up. What I have works but I do not really like it.
  11. wayne123

    Pontoon Rebuild

    Where did you get the console?
  12. wayne123

    need help with a motor

    I think pretty much all places that sell new boats/motors have used ones for sale. I just bought one off of hsolist.
  13. wayne123

    Polarized Sunglasses

    My eye doctor always checks my $20 Fleet Farm sun glasses for UV protection and they always pass.
  14. wayne123

    What is your favorite Ice Fishing shelter.

    One that the fish are biting in! If I had to pick one it would be a medium siae portable - probably a fishtrap brand.
  15. wayne123

    Polarized Eyewear

    My eye doctor checks my sun glasses when I see him. I think he checks for uv protection but I am not sure. The $20 pairs from Fleet Farm always pass his test.