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  1. Amsoil HD in my Johnson 115 2 stroke. Ran it for almost 6 yrs, except for 2 yrs when I lived in Oregon and they didn't sell amsoil there. Then I had to use quicksilver....but it seemed to smoke more w quicksilver ??
  2. SM1

    flx-28 help?

    Interesting. I just turned mine on in the garage and in all ranges it read "---ft". Have you had it in the water yet?
  3. SM1

    flx-28 help?

    Does it say meters on the screen?
  4. I left a phone message with them 3 weeks ago about my under water cam and they have not returned my call. I guess I ill have to call again, frustrating.
  5. I put in a WFCO 8725. This has a 3 stage charging component to it but the charging stages are described in volts. I'm not sure how each stage equates to amps.
  6. I asked the same question a few weeks back on the best way to power the house. Instead of a on board charger, which I have in my boat and love, I went with a converter instead. I have two group 27's hooked in parrelell and will run the Honda 2000 to power the house and top off the batteries during the day. Then can turn off the generator and the system automatically switches to 12v from the batteries. The converter charges the batteries, but likely at a slow rate. I just threw in a regular batt charger in the event I need a quicker charge. In short, I went with a converter instead of an on board charger and am quite happy I did.
  7. What Kerry said. A guy just needs to be aware of not sticking the tip back in the snow on cold days. Its the ice/snow build up on the back side of the main cutting blade that doesn't allow it to cut. I give the auger a extra spin when I pull it out of the hole to fully clean it off. Then either put the snap cover back on or just set it on the ice sideways keeping the tip clean. I am otherwise very happy with my pro4. Clean, convenient, always starts in 1-2 pulls even when it's cold, runs smooth with no lack of power.
  8. I spoke with the WFCO rep about their dc converters and what he described is the converters are not meant to be used as a dedicated charger. Yes they will charge batteries with a three stage system, but he mentioned the charging may not initiate if the battery charge falls below 50%. I don't see these converters putting out much for charge = extended run time on a generator to get the batteries topped off. Yes the DC outputs on the different converts vary, but to my understanding the majority of that output is not dedicated to charging rather for powering the furness etc. for example a 35amp converter may may only put out 4-6 amps towards charging the batteries. I'm sure this varies depending on which converter is used. I'm leaning towards the converter route now but just not confident they will work in all situations??
  9. I have been trying to decide what would the best set up for powering my house as well. My ice castle did not come with a dc converter so now I am leaning toward putting in a on board charger, such as a minnkota 330 for quick charging, and then maybe a simple stand alone dc converter. I have seen the 330's on sale for $250 and the converters I'm looking at around $50. While running the Honda generator the whole house would be powered with the converter as well as batteries being charged. then without the generator running the house would run off the batteries allowing for the stealthy approach as well. I have been running two 27's in parrelell for the forced air furness and a third 27 series for the lights with a regular battery charger on while the generator is going. The above set up would have me swapping over alligator clips between the converter and the batteries which is not ideal, but maybe there is a way to put in a switch to make it easy? I have this access from inside the house so having to switch things over might not be ideal as well with an outside access in the ice cabin.
  10. Two seasons on mine with no leaking issues. I really like the pro 4.
  11. SM1

    IC DC-converters

    I will have to call and see what this would cost to be installed. Mounting would be easy, just getting it wired correctly is the part I do not understand.
  12. SM1

    IC DC-converters

    Blackjack which minnkota charger did you go with? The 315 or 330? I have a 315 in my boat that has been great. What I think of is that my boat usually sits for 10 hours or more between going out so my batts are always topped off. I don't necessarily want to always run the generator so was thinking about the 330 because that should charge within 4-6 hours as compared to 10-12 hrs w the 315. Of course it's an extra $100 or so for the 330 over the 315.
  13. SM1

    IC DC-converters

    For those who run a generator for the fish house, would you rather have dc converter or on board charger to power such things as a forced air furness? I keep going between which to go with.
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