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  1. CommonSense Guy

    LOW muskie

    This one took a [PoorWordUsage] on me. Also from the woods
  2. CommonSense Guy

    Road Hunting

    I LOVE IT! First time reading this since my infamous post a week ago. If we could harvest the amount of energy spent on petty internet hunting forums the vikings would be playing at home this weekend. Why don't we all meet this weekend at a western Mn wpa and compare the size of our cockfeathers an call It a day. But seriously me and my boys love pheasant hunting. We love everything about it. And do it HARD. Hell pheasant season doesn't even get started for us until the new year. This weekend we will walk a mile in deep snowjust to get to one of our spots. And our dogs make a hell of a team. But. Chasing late season roosters is no joke. I can clock a ten minute mile for several miles with full ruck and keep going. But after hunting a big slough I need me a break. And its time to hit the road, which is well within my god given rights as a free man. Ditchpickle on tough sob as well and agrees. We love road hunting and I think most people do too except the "purists". Hell in NoDak if you don't hit the road without a .243 wssm that is dialed in, and a case or two of beer you ain't hunting. Like I always say, if I could drive around a drink beer and shoot out the window I probably would because I know it would be fun. Anyway can we agree that killing the rooster bumper crop is awesome and we all need to keep the tradition aliveand pass it on to the next generation of road hunters.
  3. CommonSense Guy

    Pheasant with Yellow feet?

    I shot one last weekend with yellow feet like that. Never seen it before. And it was cold as heck. Birds were spooky.
  4. CommonSense Guy

    2nd rut?

    The primary breeding period in MN takes place 5 days either side of the full moon. This year it was the 2nd. By the time the season much of the breeding was done. But not all of course. ONce the first doe comes into estrus that scent is what gets the bucks going crazy and chasing. Then a smaller number of deer will come into heat around the next full moon, which I think was the 30th. Deer are generally bred by the full moon and born by the new moon. This makes them less likely to be taken by predators. Nature has a way of working things out. The breeding season farther north in Canada is later as their full moon is later. This means the fawns are born later in the year protecting them from the colder climate. I think by this time in the year almost all breeding ativity is done. I would be stalking if I was hunting because the deer won't be moving much
  5. CommonSense Guy

    61" Muskie caught on Mille Lacs?

    60 inch fish are not sean often enough in Vermilion. For all the talk out there there are not too many fish that big but they do exist for sure. I bet it was trout water in Ontario. The pictures don't do this fish justice if it really was 61. But they are out there for sure
  6. CommonSense Guy

    how to become a guide?

    I agree. MOst of these guys came here from Wisonsin because of our fishery and call themselves guides.
  7. CommonSense Guy

    Need some Help on vermillion

    I would go to Rainy if you are looking for smallies and pike. Vermilion is awesome especially for muskies. And it is a big lake. But it is still a zoo with all the boats. Rainy you are guaranteed non stop action.
  8. CommonSense Guy

    Night Vision for Predator Hunting

    Too bad it's illegal because hunting with the Generation 3 was pretty awesome.
  9. CommonSense Guy

    Pheasant Evening Flight

    I have seen large groups of birds out scratching in the fields around 9-10am. They will then walk into the cover. Then again around 2:30 to 3:30pm they will feed. Then they normally fly to the deep cover to roost. With more snow like we are going to get this weekend look for birds out feeding longer. However these birds are spooky. You are best to get a few guys and do some blocking of you can. MOst roosters will fly well out of range. A few might hold but they hold tight. Hunt slow and quietly.
  10. CommonSense Guy

    Metro Deer Hunters

    YOu can bow hunt near there. I stuck a buck down at the river bottoms this year. If you want more info I can be reached at [email protected]
  11. CommonSense Guy

    Right thing to do?

    I had the same thing happen last weekend. My Lab caught a big rooster from last year. He had been running ahead of us. After I cleaned him I found he had some pellets in him. MOst of the birds that get caught are crips that can fly. Don't know is he would have survived the winter but I doubt it. I think you have to praise your dog.
  12. CommonSense Guy

    What's up with Manta's???????

    Glad I bought a bunch when I did. I love em. But last time I was at Thorne Bros they had a bunch.
  13. CommonSense Guy

    Rage broadheads

    I know there is a lot of gossip. However I have two close friends who had first hand experience with defective Rage broadheads. The company admitted they had a defect but did nothing to make up for it. I'm sure they are great and work MOST of the time. But why risk it. I will never use a mecanical blade regardless of the make period.