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  1. I few trout from Crow, No Photo sorry Fished 1/20/06 to 1/23/06 fishing was good for Trout --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Sweet, Very nice Video. On Mille lacs one year about Noon fishing by Shermans point, I looked down my hole about 10ft down and saw a school of walleyes at least 100 hundred under the house , wish I would of had a carmera back then.
  3. hoovey, I own a Max 11 and have a set of 17" tracks on it now for ice fishing, I love the machine in my slew I can go anywhere and not get stuck, and run it in water, and it floats. I bought mine in Wis. at Bc wheels. and had the tracks made locally. Ill be on Red this Sat , with the Max. Good duck hunting machine.
  4. I do this when I sunfish, small no 10 or 12 ice jig with wax worm or larvae, below a short dropper tied to the ice jig hook, line 6 to 8 inches with a small red hook number 10 or 12 baited with Maggots, fish hit one or the other.
  5. fishnutbob


    Standard cone should be the 19 degree cone, If you buy the dual its 9 and 19 degree. Should say the the package.
  6. fishnutbob


    Walleye #1, If you have the money get the FL18 more features and I would get the Dual cone 9 and 19 degree, for fishing deep water, or shallow. I use this in Canada for Lake Trout Ice fishing its nice to see your jig in 60 to 70 ft, with the 9 degree cone.
  7. sockeye, The power bait and maggots are a great choice, especially for light biters. Before powerbait came out Most of the time I would fish Euro larva, or colored maggots, three on a hook, key to the live maggots is to put fresh bait on after a couple of fish for scent reason's, I have found the maggots will catch as many crappies as the minnows and more. Plastics work great for winter crappies, The small tube jigs I would have with me, the crappies love them, I know I was taught a lesson on LOW last year, I forgot to bring them
  8. Now hold on Joe, If you send this site to that many women they will want to go fishing I live by Mound sign me up Ill guide a few on Tonka, it's my home lake
  9. I second Hemlock, Ive stayed at Muskie Bay a number of times , you cant go wrong. Call soon if you want a room or cabin ETC, he fills up fast for the weekends.
  10. Wow!! First thing I said when I saw it was, HOLY SHEET. Very nice color Thats a Dandy. Good job on the CPR. Are you going to get a replica done.
  11. With the size of a Muskies teeth and with large treble hooks on large baits when they bite down its very hard to drive hooks home double set might help a single hook on a bait like the Eagle Tail buck tail gets more hook ups only one hook to set.
  12. Oil for the main heat, and I put a pellet burner in my finished basement. Its great and heats 24 hrs on 40lbs of pellet's. It also has a timed blower. I use corn but it burns real hot I mix it with the pellets.
  13. Just north of Red Lake is Nungesser Lake two resorts on the lake you can drive to the river and go in by trail to the resort on the south dont have to fly in great fishing we use to camp on it for over 20 years biggest northern was 31lbs and lots of walleyes, check it out.
  14. Welcome Home Brother Jonny Redhorse. I was also in Nam turned 20 on the ship, served from 1967 to 1968 Tet Offensive Big Red One, 40 miles north of Saigon, Lai Khe. 105 Artillery Gunner God Bless all our troops, May they all come home soon. Bob Auel
  15. Mt. Need to put a collar on them and track what feeder they visit. I tried to see how close I could get to a Grosbeak in my feeder, about three feet it left, I thought if I could net it What a great bird for a birdcage, I dont think that's legal, but a pair would be great wouldn't want the male getting love sick
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