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  1. How did that work out for you Slabasaurus??
  2. First I coat the fish with the shore lunch. Then after all the fish are coated i put the remaining shore lunch in a bowl, add one egg and some beer. Mix it up with a whisk until it is smooth, get rid of the lumps. I don't like to make the batter too thick but you can make it what ever consistancy you want. Just add more beer to thin it out. Then I throw them in hot oil 350-375 degrees and cook them until they float. Then enjoy! I cook them in my turkey fryer in the garage so I don't stink up the house and make the boss mad!
  3. I grew up in Waterville and I agree they cook them up good! I like to make a beer batter with Shorelunch cajun. Taste great.
  4. Awesome, it's a great way to spend time with your kids!
  5. fishadb, Two healthy fat pike! Wish I didn't have to work tomorrow or I'd be out with my boy trying for some more. I got a batch of picklers working in the brine now.
  6. anamod, Great fish! Are you now hooked on spearing? I just love it.
  7. Head north! I have 14" of good ice where I spear near Hibbing.
  8. I speared this one on 12/20/14, 39" 18.4 lbs.
  9. Here is a 35" pike my son got a couple of weeks ago.
  10. Hitman54

    UFC 113

    jltimm, Add Lesnar and Carwin to the fights you mentioned and that would be a hell of a card that I would pay to see!!
  11. Chisholm native Shuster has choked 3 times when he has had the hammer to end the game! He needs to get it together.
  12. Hitman54

    Trading AP

    A simple but yet effective reply to those of you who think the Vikings should trade AP..........you are on crack and do not know jacks$%* about football!!!!!!! End of story!
  13. I will agree with Walleyes12 comments and also add a right guard to the mix. The Vikes run blocking was very poor for most of the season and their pass protection was horrible vs the Saints!
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