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  1. Brett to Chilly: "Ya'all still have Randy Moss, right?"
  2. hey all, hoping to make a trip up there this saturday, is the road still in decent enough shape to get our there a ways? thanks in advance for any info...
  3. 10 and 13? nice going matt! i think that ended up being my favorite spot of the weekend. aside from the dandys we pulled out of there, tom lost an estimated 8-10 pounder at the hole, and i missed (on friday) about 6 attempted assaults on my setup. 68 f.o.w. funny about the way out sun a.m. something seemed a wee bit goofy, but we ended up on the road none the less. not surprised though being we left in the dark. i can't picture how going a mile further south-west into dogfly would have landed us 2 k.m. east of where we did come out? i'll have to look at the map. looked like alot of wheeler and sled tracks on the lake we did cross. how's the fishing there?
  4. c.n.g.- traveling conditions couldn't be any better. we were able to safely and smoothly go wherever we wanted, both on a 4 wheeler and snocat. we found about 5" of snow to be the average. my guess on the ice is 24" as of right now. if anything, an extension will help prevent from breking your back for the final 10" of ice you go thru.
  5. matt- wanted to say we made it out of the bush on sunday morning no porblem. only we exited on dogfly and came out by the 20 km marker on cedar narrows vs. the 18 km marker. shorter route but perhapps not easier. rolled a wheeler and got stuck on the sled. brutally cut rustic trail. my sled is not happy with me! nothing major though. we did have a great time at your camp. telling stories and talking about the fishing has been a blast already. not to mention landing around 30 trout and 4 big smallies in 2 days. the 14 pounder 50 steps from the cabin was my personal favorite! that was the one i was after. john has already forwarded the pics to everyone and it's cool to see the spreadout patterns we fished among the rock gorges and pristine wilderness. also cool to basically have the entire lake to yourself, other than that canadian trapper we met. besides all that, not too many resort owners provide service to the extent of cooking frozen beers on the woodstove for their guests! can't think of a more fun journey than we had up there. later. db.
  6. matt - let's get our game plan set for thurs a.m. call me at work -u.n.b. thanks can't wait!
  7. when i was at nueltin lake in the n.w.t., we always cooked them the traditional shore-lunch way. i don't know if was the scenery and experience or what, but i thought it was fantastic just like any other pan-fried, breaded fish. at home i've baked it (covered) with lemon, dill, and onion. oh yeah, i've also smoked it. (not that kind of smoked it!!). if you don't have a smoker, slowly grill it with indirect heat on very low with some water-soaked apple (or whatever) woodchips on foil, over the heat source. if that makes sense. thanks, i'm not even 1 cup of coffee in yet, and now i'm hungry for lake trout, not to mention wishin' i was fishin' for em'!!
  8. snomobile into canada through rainy, get the canpass (rabc) and research the trails that connect via lake or however and snomobile into a lodge on manitou, north rainy, or any other of the bizillion lakes up there. some have resorts, and some don't as you know i'm sure. leave your vehicle/trailer at the t-bird. they'd let you start there as a home base for a small fee. you could even leave from my place just down the road from there for nothing. do an internet search for ontario's sunset country; fill out the information to get the free map/activity guide, etc. pretty cool stuff for free and it lists all kinds of resorts that i'm sure would be eleated to help you organize a trip as such. i make trips like your refering to, but i come back to the cabin each night (on the weekends). can't say that i've never layed awake at night dreaming up a trip just like you're talking about though. nestor falls or the angle would be cool for that too. if i can assist you any further than this, if it has helped, just let me know.
  9. hello- i've posted such a question before. do a search in the canada forum with lake despair in the subject line and you'll get some info. it was quite a while ago so go back a year or two. i'd put the link on here for you but apparently i'm not that skilled!! good luck.
  10. i'm hoping to trade into a benelli 12 ga. and a winchester 30/30 side (or angle) eject.
  11. hi all, need some advice..... i have 6 guns i'm looking trade in on a new (or two) shotgun and rifle. what should i know about doing such a thing- where's a fair and reputable place, etc. big store? small shop? along with any other expertise in this area you can offer. lastly, one of them is a reminton/browning w/the squared head- from when the company was one (apparently) way back when. my older uncles always told me to hang-on to it, but it's heavy, and such, and i never seem to use it. any thought on that too? i'm not by any means an authority on this subject so i want to go in "armed" with some knowldge. (couldn't resist the pun) thanks in advance.... slotfish
  12. cool post...... my favorite would have to be a fresh grilled venison steak accompanied by a nice slab of fried walleye. throw in some carmelized-onion-garlic mashed, all prepared and sitting on the t.v. tray for a noon viking's kick-off.
  13. slotfish

    Worst anouncer ever

    bottomfeeder- touché on the glandville thing. we used to have to turn the volume down on the t.v. and put on the vikings radio announcers. i think it was joe sensor and ? i can't remember the other guy......
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