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  1. Phillip Baur and Jason Rayburn of Chisago County. Two more are possibly going to be charged as well.
  2. I added my "gal" pin to the map.
  3. Here is what is on our living room wall. They look so small, but that is because we have a 14 ft. ceiling in the living room. 2 Large Mouth Bass 2 Crappies 1 Walleye 1 8 pt. Buck I have no idea anymore how big the fish were or where we even caught them. I do know the walleye came from Mille Lacs (way before the Regulations were in place).
  4. We vacuum pack ours. Works great, no freezer burn.
  5. Sorry for your loss. I work with a guy that is a Sergeant of that unit. It was very sad when his wife called us about what happened. She said that he had just spoken with one guys about an hour before it happened. He unfortunately had prepared himself before he left for Bahgdad that he probably wouldn't becoming home with all the guys. Very sad to think that.
  6. Well at least we are getting some snow (not that I want it), but supposed to be 4-6 inches by tomorrow afternoon.
  7. Quote: When me and my wife met, I made it very clear that I love the outdoors (especially fishing), and that we would most definitely have dead stuff on the walls! Dead stuff on the walls....that's funny. We have dead stuff to on our living room wall. A walleye, a couple of LM Bass, a few crappies, and one nice 9 point buck head. It's funny when I tell other females about the dead stuff, they say oh no way not in my house. I personally like the dead stuff.
  8. Quote: fishn'lady. do you have an older sister ? Yes, but she is NOTHING like me.
  9. All I can say is this wife is not like others. I usually go with him on fishing trips, because he wants me there and I want to be there. He is welcome to go by himself or his buddies if he wants. He usually only deer hunts, which is no problem. I still remember the first time he wanted to go hunting. He brought me flowers and asked if it was ok that he went, I replied sure why not, go ahead. Heck I even bought him a shotgun that Christmas. So you see all women do not come from the same mold and this one realizes that I cannot "change" him unless he wants to.
  10. Fishn'Lady

    Lost Gear

    That sucks. The only suggestion I would have is maybe call the local police and see if someone turned it in. Most likely not but you never know.
  11. My hubby actually modified our Mr. Heater/Cooker with the Dyna-Glo sunflower. Our Mr. Heater was getting old and he got the Dyna Glo on clearance last year. The thing works great and will heat us right out of the fish house on low on an above zero day.
  12. This is what we sleep in during our trips to Upper Red Lake. We have a CO detector and have the house vented well since we run a Mr. Heater/Cooker for heat. Just make sure that you have the proper reflectors on each side of the house for overnight stays.
  13. If you head to the Onamia emergency room at 3 am after getting a rapala treble hook imbedded in your finger while night fishing on Mille Lacs, and it's NOT coming out no matter what you do. And then having the nurses call the doc back to the hospital after just going home and he proceeds to yank on it and then ends up cutting one end off and pushing it through...you might be an FM'r. Wow that was long, and a very true story.
  14. Does your FL-8 have the I.R. button on it? Or is it an older one before that came out. My FL-8 is older and does not have that I.R. button on it and cannot run another Vex too close to it. If it has that button try pressing it. I'm not sure if the FL-18 has a seperate button for this or if they built that in, but if it has a button try fiddling with that to see if it reduces some of the interference on the FL-8.
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