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  1. Alagnak

    Fishing the Kenai

    Fishing/ guiding on the Kenai instead of one of the other thousands of options off the road system must be like someone traveling to MN to ice fish and only hitting up the big ice fishing contest in Brainerd. You're so close to the real Alaska, just not quite there. It only takes a few more bucks to get to a river to fish without dozens of boats per hole.
  2. Alagnak

    Best tip up bait

    Asian market by Menards in Savage had some primo sized smelt a month ago. Guts in, individually frozen in a big bag 3# or so $7.
  3. Alagnak

    50 Shades of Grey

    +1 Also know of another FM'er who went with wife and said it was horrible. I've only been to 4-5 movies in a theater in the last 10-12 years. I tend to save those experiences for things like American Sniper that I saw last Sunday.
  4. Alagnak

    First hole with new Clam Drill Plate

    Stupid will never be fixed.
  5. Alagnak

    Guided duck hunt

    Island X. Go big or go home. ;-) http://www.alaskaduckhuntingguides.com/island_X.htm
  6. Alagnak

    Cedar Plank Northern

    Scale it and rinse it off, slime free after that. Cook it just as you mentioned. You'll love it.
  7. Alagnak

    What size drill for 6" lazer auger?

    Rigid is the only one that will warranty batteries that I know of so keep that in mind. A good quality 18 volt is plenty for 6" bit or less. For example, 30-35 holes in 8-9" only put my 18v batt to 3/4. 4 amp hr batt.
  8. Alagnak

    Making first brisket

    I've had that happen, but mine seemed quite a bit thicker. My guess is it will still be great but will shred instead of really getting any slices out.
  9. Alagnak

    Yawning Towards Ecstasy

    Does anyone expect more out of them?
  10. Alagnak

    Too much?

    For every boom there's eventually a bust. A guy can only ask himself- do I want to be part of creating that bust or not? Can only control your own actions. Some people are meat freaks, have no control, and have to kill 'A LIMIT'.
  11. Alagnak

    smoking ciscos

    Hmmm, me too. I get a browning to the skin though. Ramp up the smoke or get out the food coloring to trick them 😃
  12. Alagnak

    smoking ciscos

    Do you use a liquid brine or dry rub? Is there brown sugar in it?
  13. Alagnak

    Wiring old stove burners - smoker build

    Yep. I just have it written down what the temp is with one valve 1/2 open, fully open (vent open, 1/2 way, closed), 2 valves on, etc. It's pretty spot on once you get a feel for your set up. Never worry about heat spiking. But yeah, negative is having to open little lower door to adjust but it doesn't change temp and that's the same little door I put wood in anyway. I use an old cast iron pan with a vented steel lid for smoker box.
  14. Alagnak

    Wiring old stove burners - smoker build

    I tried one similar to the one in the picture I purchased with a dimmer type switch on it. It would get the chips smoking but wouldn't produce enough heat to get over 150 deg even when the outside temps were warm! I sent it back and went with a N Tool (on HSOforum not in store) circular gas burner that has three valves to control heat and have been rocking that for a few years. I can smoke low and slow or crank it up to finish something off if need be.