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  1. We are leaving thursday, we are driving though, but we will be there on fridsy. In the past we have fished on the beach right by cape canaveral, we caught a few pompano, but i think the water is too cold this year. i think we are gonna drive farther south towards Ft Lauderdale. Good luck in Clearwater.
  2. Heading to the Orlando area next week but we always make at least one trip to either coast....bringing some rods to do some shore fishing...any advice?
  3. 1 spot left!!!! hurr If anyone is interested in a rottiserie league we have spots open....same draft time league id = 60248 password = crappie
  4. we have 4 spots still open, would like to get at least 2, draft is set to start friday morning...hurry hurry league id = 60421 password = walleye this is a yahoo league
  5. spots still open in both leagues let me know people!!!
  6. Would like to join if you have anymore room? [email protected]
  7. Ok guys, it has started, we have had a fishing minnesota league for the past couple of years, and it has been really fun, I want to make sure that everyone that joins is going to participate all year, so we dont have teams that are not playing, so please email me if you plan on being involved all year. This is a standard 5x5 rotisserie league, I am also going to make a head to head league, so if you want to get in please give me an email, and i will give you the info. 12 spots in each league, good luck. [email protected] -matt
  8. Not really looking for the tri-pod, would rather have the stand that goes directly on the camera, then you set it on the bottom, but the one from aqua vu itself does not fit on the fish shaped camera. i have heard of people using coat hangers, just wondering if anyone has a picture. thanks
  9. Does anyone have any pictures of things they have made , or a link to any good manufacturers?, I have the scout, with the sunfish, camera. thanks
  10. Was out on sugar lake this past weekend and i was pulling my wheeled house out, and i was taking my time because the ice was making all kinds of noise, when all of a sudden this guy in a half ton chevy, comes flying by me at about 30-40 mph, and i felt sick to my stomach because i knew there was a huge wave under the ice from him and it went right under me, all was fine but i had my 3 year old son with me and it made me nervous as H*#&, when i finally measured the ice, we had 14", but that in my opinion is border line for a full size truck with a 7x12 wheel house to be on in the first place, let alone have this (Contact Us Please) fly by me within 30 feet. so slow down out there folks.
  11. But with most auto insurance, doesnt your policy become void as soon as you drive on lake? so then the insurance is just to cover the fish house when it is not on the lake. which makes sense too, because it actually spends more time on solid ground than on the lake.
  12. I dont have time anymore, just had another baby. Have over $700 dollars invested, just looking for good home, pure bred yellow lab, male, 2 years old, will sit, and come, have not been training for hunting, basically just a big teddybear, loves kids, very smart, could be trained I am sure of it. email me if interested. [email protected] SORRY NOT AVAILABLE ANY MORE!!!
  14. where is the best place to buy fish house canvas for the best price?
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