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  1. I am just wondering if anyone else is noticing some bucks being in the early rut yet? I have 4 active scrapes near one of my stands, 1 is being hit really hard. I was out on Sunday, and noticed that the bucks that came out were all chasing does. Just thought if anyone else was noticing any activity. Let me know. Shoot to Kill.
  2. Like the one guy said, you will get a lot of opinions on this issue. I personally have a Fish Trap Scout. I think it's just on the small side, so i would go with the Pro. I have been in them, and they are perfect for one person. Both Fish Trap and Otter have their qualities. The Fish Trap company i think makes a better canvas, and their customer relations is great if you have to contact them about something. One thing about Otter i like better, is there sleds for the fish houses are WAY better. They are stronger, more durable, and thicker, which makes them last longer than the Fish Trap. For instance, my sled on the fish trap is already getting holes on the skids, and i have only had it 2 years. With the otter sled, you dont have to add skids, like the Fish Trap trys selling seperatly. In other words, the choice to purchase a one man ice house is your own preference, but i would look around and see which one you like the best, and will fit your style of fishing. Just keep the lines wet!
  3. i understand what you are all saying, and some took me wrong. Im not 100% primitive, i have a vex. and ice house, but my point is when is it going to stop with all the new equipment. we dont even need to hold the rod anymore, they have something made that does it for us. Now thats just plan laziness, but for some reason we buy in to it. Thats my point, and just hope you understand that just because its out there doesnt make it right, and for sure doesnt make the fish bite. P.S. im not mad about this, just stating my opinion. that's what this site is about. Thanks
  4. Very nice pic. Keep it up. By the way, Beltrami is pretty good fishing lake, so keep it up.
  5. Very nice pics. It takes talent and time to have pictures of that quality, you obviously have it. Anyone have an idea of what kind of spider that is? We have a bunch back home. Thanks
  6. In my opinion its just another marketing item. If you cant keep your hole clear of ice, then you shouldnt be ice fishing because thats just plain laziness. Its becoming a joke with all the new equipment out there to make fishing so much less challenging, and fun. Its ice fishing, love it and deal with the elements.
  7. Genofish, could you send me some pics? Im looking for a boat very similar in size as to what you have. Need something small to pull behind the car. Email pics to [email protected] Thanks
  8. Spudhauler, looks like a pretty clean rig. what work has been done to the motor if any? Sure would be a good rig for me, but the price is slightly too high for me. Maybe if you came down. Thanks for the pictures.
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