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  1. I agree it's a small target. Nice thing about spring bear in canada is the bears are there early and stick around a long time. I would suggest setting a stand at an exact yardage, so you can hold dead on a pin. And with archery in mind, you should be close, 20 yds is an easy shot for anyone that is practicing much. I was in on about 20 recoveries this past spring, gun and bow, bears don't bleed much, but decent shots were always recovered within 100 yds, past that and it's trouble. Mike
  2. my wife and I both shot pope and young boars in Manitoba this spring. Middle of the middle is safe, but with a bear on bait and if your nerves are settled, take the heart shot. Our bears were both dead in under 20 yds, not even time for a death moan. I would also suggest a fixed broadhead, while in bear camp, we had a few bears wounded, mechanicals may not have been completely to blame, but year after year there is a much higher rate of lost bears with them, to the extent he is considering not allowing them in camp. Good luck. Mike
  3. Completely agree, there are a few sets of triplets south of Clotho. We had so much standing corn and corn stubble, the winter had zero effect on the population. I wish we were a managed zone, I would love to shoot a doe in the backyard eating acorns, instead I have to go across 71 to get meat. Mike
  4. I just bought a Faktor 30. I tried out just about everything in Archery Country in St Cloud and that's what I chose. Most new bows are very nice, so whatever feels good in your hands is what I'd go with, brand name doesn't mean much today, they're all very competitive. Good luck. Mike
  5. 1. Weather is typically a little nicer, not as hot as early Sept. 2. Cubs are easier to identify. 3. The "rut". Minnesotan's feel it's the only time we can kill a buck, so it should be the same for bears. 4. Much nicer hides, long hair makes a much better rug or mount 5. Bears are more responsive to baiting and more likely to feed during hunting hours.
  6. You have to go through an outfitter in Canada, Manitoba you must be guided. I think you can do an "outfitted" hunt in Ontario. The activity at bait sites is awesome, great entertainment. We are going through Wildwoods outfitter, I believe he's pretty much booked up for this spring. I never hunted bear in MN just because of the fall season. I think if more bear hunters experienced spring hunting we could get our season changed to spring.
  7. Yep, northern Manitoba, bow. This will be my 4th time up and my wifes 3rd time. She shot a nice blackie 19 3/4" our first time up with her rifle. I've been waiting on a big bear, and she's pretty much looking for color. It's a great time, and a nice way get the summer started. Mike
  8. There was little write up on this buck in a local newspaper, said it grossed 238. Was also shot only 2 miles from my house. Mike
  9. Nonteepical, I know of a huge non typical that was shot 2 miles from my house, there was some "controversy" over it because it was shot by a 2 different parties. The river bottom was full of deer, just nothing big enough to have you score, maybe muzzy season will get a big boy hanging out in the back yard. Mike
  10. 00rowe

    Caribou hunt

    I went to Quebec in 07 and had an awesome time, BEWARE of Quebec though, look up Luco and Tuttilik, screwed a lot of guys out of a lot of money. Leaf River Lodge is who I went with, would also suggest Jack Hume Adventures in Quebec. Quebec is easy to drive to from MN, but you could also check out some outfitters in Manitoba would also be an easy drive. Good luck, the tunra is AWESOME. Mike
  11. I'm guessin that's what you saw, I saw a nice one about 10 years ago with a really white rack about April 10th in northern Todd county. Mike
  12. 00rowe

    MN Deer Classic

    I'll be going for sure, my fiance's bear will be on display with the outfitter we hunted with last year. I have also been disappointed with the amount of deer the previous years. Mike
  13. Corcorans in Hampton, did a full body for my girlfriends Manitoba bear, awesome, good guys, great work. Mike
  14. The argument for moving the season opener was QDM, letting more bucks get through the peak breeding season when they are most vulnerable, then your response was that was going to ruin sport hunting forever. I thought you were pro baiting becuase of the way you said it took more work to bait than to walk to the same box stand. If you think you can get more deer to respond to calls or scents than baiting, you're either a champion deer caller or have no idea of what deer like to eat. Thats the reason I think they are so different. If you have the flu, I won't catch it from you across the field, however if we are sitting at the same table I would be much more likely to get it, a couple acre food plot is much different than a single pile of corn or apples. Also food plots offer a source of nutrition for a longer period of time than someone who puts out a few pails of corn the week before gun season. Some of us also do not even hunt over our food plots, they are strictly to supplement a deers diet, and to keep more deer on or near properties that we hunt. Baiting is usually for hunting. Different thread, different argument, all boils down to what we feel is best for hunting's present and future. I believe all your arguments are becuase you don't want change, it's "good enough" the way it is. While I feel it is good, but can be improved, let's not wait until things worsen and be proactive. I'd like to think we can look at our past generations mistakes and learn from them. I'll bow out of this argument, but never doubt my support of hunting. Mike
  15. Sighhhh. Too bad the sport of hunting is ruined forever. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Congratulations, you have a sense of humor. And to those who didn't: Go stick your head in the mud.” - Jesse Ventura The above is your quote from page 2 of the thread "opener date" I do not consider hunting a "sport", sports to me are competition, I enjoy the challenge of hunting, I enjoy eating venison, I also like to test my skills and patience by "trophy" hunting, all done at the same time by shooting does and only targeting mature bucks. I do not use scents, pretty much a gimmick to me. But calling a deer in by tricking them is much different than placing food, more than likely something that isn't readily available or found naturally there. Deer eat every day, deer do not respond to calls all the time or ever and much differently at different times of the year. So to me they are much different. Baiting and food plots are also different because of how deer are to feed at them. Deer naturally do not eat shoulder to shoulder, even under a natural food source like apples or acorns, so the risk of disease transfer is much greater when they are eating off a pile of corn or apples. When deer populations are too high I would have zero problems with opening up restrictions, such as baiting, scopes on muzzleloaders etc. That is a DNR problem with not being flexible, but that also reflects on the hunters, not wanting anything to change. There is no reason that dates and laws cannot change periodically, as we need to change the amount of deer taken or which deer need to be taken(more does and less bucks.) By the way, lots of families enjoying more time in the field in Wisconsin with hunting season over Thankgiving, 2 weekends and 2 days during the week in which kids in school can get out and enjoy the outdoors vs our early november gun season in which most kids can only get out on the weekends. I believe strongly in doing whatever it takes to ensure the future of hunting for the following generations. Keeping an open mind, being flexible, and adapting to the changing world is our only chance. Time to get out and try and top off the freezer, does best look out. Good luck to all the late season hunters. Mike
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