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  1. well i feel a little better that im not the only one having problems. sad to say my dad going to check blinds has had more bird action than i have. and i've been out almost every day except the friday,sat, sunday. the last 2 weekends. been out most mornings to 4pm and only had one tom. that got cautious right about 45 yards... not exactly the shot i was wanting to take with my bow at least not a clean shot. hoping to hunt tom. most of the day and wed. the morning. if only i was able to hunt longer wed. sounds like a nice day to be out there.
  2. hang in there josh. my prayers go out to you. u need to get better so we can go fishing togeather sumtime this summer or event his winter
  3. instead of doing the figure 8 to get the oil around granted im sure it would work to get the bearings lubricated. what i would do is fill up the diff. then lift one side of the vehicle up so some goes into the bearing on that side and then check fluid again then lift the other side up and check and fill fluid if needed. that way your not likely to run your bearings dry at all. which i prefer to know my bearings are lubricated b4 they start moving. granted this is what we do to semi's to make sure they have enough oil in the diff and the bearings. so it could be a waste of time but idk i havent done much with cars or regular trucks yet
  4. ya we bought it from a parts place in brainerd and it had no modifications except i believe we had to use the sensor wires from the original engine in the grand prix
  5. it runs good and i put a new air intake on simular to the k&n air filter systems.
  6. hi i have a 2001 grand prix. the 3.8 liter V6 engine went out when it overheated and locked up then i bought a 2005 monte carlo engine 3.8 liter V6 and had it installed by a family friend. was wondering if there is anyone who can help me figure out y i am getting less than 20mpg with this car when before the first engine locked up i got around 25 mpg. was also wondering if something with the installation could be installed wrong and thats y. any input into this problem would be much appreciated thanks for looking
  7. 2001/pontiac/grand prix/3.8 liter V6/car 205,000 miles, engine 38,000 miles. ok i recently had the engine replaced i had in my grand prix it overheated and locked up so i bought a 05 monte carlo 3.8 liter V6 to put into my grand prix. everything switched over fine except the sensor wires were different so we had to use the old sensors on the newer engine. my gas mileage was 23 mpg on average. now im barely able to get 20 mpg and i put a new k&n air intake on and a chip that controls air intake. before i put those in i was barely getting 18 mpg. wandering if anyone had any idea's on what i could do to help improve or help me find out y the miles per gallon dropped so much. any idea's would be helpful. im probably gonna have the exhaust looked at as i think it might be leaking but besides that what other idea's do u think it would be? well if it helps with figuring it out my car is also making a chugging noise out of the exhaust. its like a chug pause chug paus chug. instead of a constant stream of exhaust. its a dual exhaust also thanx
  8. i was wondering if anyone knew anything about how good or bad of a reel this is
  9. well i dont know alot about bullies yet as i've just started catfishing but i feed mine leaches 2 days ago and they seem fine might have to change water though
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