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  1. Ever since Ken's Meats in Eden Prairie closed I can't find a butcher worth a ****. I just went to Von Hansen in Chaska and they only had forzen briskets and looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for a Boston Butt. I've looked in the phone book and dexonline and I can't find anything. One of the little towns out here has to have a Butcher SHop. Does anyone know of a butcher in the Chanhassen,Victoria, Waconia area? Thanks for the help.
  2. herky

    Fly Fishing trip help

    Thanks for the help. After talking with some friends that will be joining me we decided to go the second weekend in July. It wasn't my first choice but it was all that worked out for eveyone. I like the idea of just stoping Bozeman and talking to some shops. I afraid that the park is going to be crazy on friday and Saturday after the 4th so i think we are going to try and fish the Galaton those days then hit the park on sunday. Thanks again I can't wait
  3. I’m planning on taking a fly fishing trip out west at some point this summer. I’ve never gone on a fishing trip in the mountains before so I need some help. I was thinking about going to Yellowstone some time in June or July but I don’t want to have to fight crowds (like I did Saturday on the Kinnie). So any help would be appreciated. Does anyone have any suggestions on When and where to go? P.S. We will be driving and only have 4 or 5 days. Thanks Ryan
  4. how did you attach the foil to the roof? I can't get anything to stick.
  5. where do you get the bubble stuff at?
  6. I didn't know that you can do it in person. Where did you go to get it taken care of?
  7. Has anyone gone through the Application for Rehabilitation to get into Canada after an DWI? The check list of doucments say that i need a criminal clearance certificate a state certificate and an FBI certificate. I'm not sure what all of these are or how to go about getting them. I f anyone has been through this process i would really like some help, thanks Ryan
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