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  1. I have the same shack and am very happy with it. Put skis on one have and cut a few pieces of wood the same thickness for the other side and it will work great.
  2. Thanks minnowhead I did what you said and it worked. I feel good about my purchase now.
  3. I bought a used Aqua-Vu with lights, when you turn the switch to light should you be able see any lights on in the camera? I see nothing differnt. This is my first one and no manual so I figured someone on this site could help me.
  4. I have my dream boat for my budget, Trophy 190, 120 Evinrude, 9.9 4-stroke yamaha, 24 volt auto-pilot, but if money was not an issue it would be glass, Ranger, Warrior, or Yar-Craft.
  5. Nice fish, I would not feel bad about mounting it. I have caught a few 6 and 7 pounders threw them back, but a 9 or 10 I would mount also. Hopefully my day is coming soon. Hanging a replica on the wall would not do much for me.
  6. A lot of good information for you, but I think the most important thing you might be missing. BUY THE BOOK PRECISION TROLLING, NOTHING BETTER OUT THERE.
  7. Could you explain how the stainless steel prop made a differnce?
  8. Come on now, I don't know if you are joking or what. The lunker is the same as a rebel, no gunnels. Your not giving the Mr. Pike any credit.
  9. I meant in thousands, my numbers came from sales people at the boat show. I checked your numbers you are partcially correct. The difference is with lund to get .100/.080 you have to go to the top of the line. Example Mr. Pike 18 ft .080/.068 Alumacraft Tournament Pro (comparable to the Mr. Pike)a step or two below a Trophy .100/.080. Want to compare some more? I see where you are from and would guess you work for Lund, sorry to have to point this out to you.
  10. Yes, lund is in that group, the sides of a lund are 60mm the sides of a alumacraft are 90mm.
  11. I have had lund, crestliner, alumacraft,starcraft and a smoker. If you research thickness of the aluminum on these boats you will find the alumacraft is 30% thicker than its closest competitor. The last two boats I have had have been alumcrafts and I will never own anything but again.
  12. Woodman your a cruel man did you catch those recently?
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