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  1. Hudson's Baked Tilapia with Dill Sauce. Season Tilapia filets with Cajun seasoning. Spray a baking dish with non stick spray. Put Tilapia filets in dish and cover then with sliced lemons. Bake at 350 for 15 - 25 minutes (depending on thickness) until fish will flake. Serve fish without lemons. Use the dill sauce. Dill Sauce - 1/8 cup mayo, 1/3 cup sour cream, a few shakes of garlic salt and 2 Tblsp of chopped dill. Mix all together. Easy and good.
  2. Waiting for White Horses. Best book ever. And, it is set in Walker and Nevis area. Strongly suggest this book and I am not a book reader.
  3. Sod Buster by Antler King. I rented one of these years ago for about 3 years and then purchased a used one. Need at least a 500 ATV to pull it. It weighs something 560 pounds. Serrated discs. Really, really works well. Two gangs that have adjustable angle depending on the cut you want. It is on wheels which raise and you can adjust the depth that you want to cut into the soil. I love it. Google it.
  4. Fred_Bear: Post a snow and lake condition report when you get back would ya? Especially if you go to Whitefish Bay. Thanks
  5. That is most definitely worthy of framing. Great pic. Absolutely great. This will forever conjur up memories for these guys.
  6. I have the same gun (along with my Browning .270) and I have to say I love the gun and I love the Winchester 117 grain shells. Never had a loss.
  7. A little chipoltle in adobe sauce added gives it a little kick. Careful, a little goes a long ways. A little sun dried tomatoes also.
  8. Sodbuster by Antler King. I rented one for years and a few years ago purchased one. They are awesome. Heavy and built like a regular farm disk, very heavy duty. Serrated disks. Cuts through heavy sod. I love it and I would most definitely recommend. Look it up on the web.
  9. Okay, I screwed up. I intend to do this for another 25 years. I hope my Grandson will want to hunt so he can help me out when I am 80+.
  10. I agree with Finlander. I have been hunting ducks since 1962 (sorry Finlander, got you beat there). I have only hunted two spots in Minnesota that I could hunt with any success at all without a boat and those two were on private property. I currently own property on a river and I can walk in and hunt. But, just like fishing, the ducks are down the river about a half mile. Glad to hear you are back. Dang, I love ducks and duck hunting. Here I am sixty ---- and my wife says that I remind her of the commercial of a little boy before Christmas when he says, "I'm too excited to sleep." I hope that feeling never goes away. I intend to do this for another 15 years. Good luck my friend.
  11. Got one. I think I got it last Sunday. Found it yesterday, buried. Got it off. Saved it. Dr. appointment on Monday. $&*@ ticks.
  12. My wife is happy. She wasn't sure I would be coming home from this trip. So, I guess all is well. Except I sure am going to miss the trip. Thanks for the reports guys. Keep your powder dry.
  13. Tell me about it, my friend. I wait all year for this trip. It's like Christmas. dam. But, better safe than sorry. That 38" will be 40" next year. Brad
  14. Thanks Outfitter. I really appreciate it. I am staying home. Thanks again!!
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