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  1. I think at the very least, frazier has a good relationship with most of the players, and Childress did not. he(childress) has the personality of a wet mop, and was not a very good coach to boot. hopefully the Wilfs will go after someone like Cowher, Gruden, or Parcells(proven winners) this offseason and not hire an unknown without interviewing anyone else(which is what they did with Childress).
  2. childress is the head coach so it is on him. if bevell is calling the plays, then maybe he should go also. childress has a large playcard with him every game, so if you think he doesnt have control over the play calling, I think you are mistaken. obviously favre has not played well this year, but childress lost this team long ago due to being inept. continuing to right tight formations with 8-9 in the box and he wonders why peterson rarely gets loose? you must be kidding if you think this doesnt fall on coaching.(or lack thereof).
  3. This was long overdue. they won in spite of this guy and his ego. he was too stubborn to adjust offensively after Peterson showed up, and continued to run tight formations, not allow QBs to audible(he wouldnt let Frerotte audible to a pass with 8-9 guys in the box(admitted it in a post game press conference). Fave audibled alot last year and that was a source of the tension between those two. there is absolutely zero creativity from this guy offensively. how often did they run play action on first down with AP in the backfield? should have been doing that 1/3 to 1/2 the time(watch the linebackers fly up to the line of scrimmage when they did do it) and see the middle of the field open up...then you have a quick throw for 5-6 yards(or more) and 2nd and 5 or less. opens things up. too many 3rd and long situations with his playcalling. run right on 1st. run left on 2nd. throw on 3rd. not predictable at all. d coordinators around had him figured out along time ago.
  4. BTW james, here is the rule: "If a player goes to the ground in the act of catching a pass (with or without contact by an opponent), he must maintain control of the ball AFTER HE TOUCHES THE GROUND, whether in the field of play or the end zone." he still had control of the ball when he fell on his rear end. lost control when he rolled over. that is a catch even by their new rule. he clearly still had control of the ball after ''touching the ground''
  5. yes James, I was watching the game. I know there was a rule change, but how was his move not completed being on the ground? absolutely ridiculous. by the way, you did see that the official with the best look at it called it a TD? this league is getting ridiculous.
  6. he clearly had control of the ball, got both feet down, as well as his rear end. that was a td...no matter what the zebras say. some of those guys have no business officiating at this level period.
  7. I dont do alot of open water fishing for perch either, but it seems that it is better in August/Sept/October, as it seems the perch school up in the late summer. sometimes they are shallow(often in the weeds), but late last summer/early fall guys were catching them in 18-22fow. I like the yellow/white mini jigs(will put two on the line for the weight; better feel in deep water). alot of guys prefer the pilkies...while some guys use minnows. finding them is the toughest part it seems...will bite on alot of different things at times...
  8. amen guys. unfortunately, we drove 4.5 hours and paid $200 per ticket to watch that Atlanta Game....needless to say, it was a long ride home. and coaching was a problem that game as well. what stuck in my mind about that was with a 20-7 lead, and 3rd and long late in the first half, they drop back to pass...get sacked...fumble...and all of the sudden its a one score game...should have run it and gotten to halftime with the 13 point lead....I cant remember about Green calling a timeout or not...I assume you are referring to that last drive when they missed the fg...but I do remember Robert Smith running out of bounds several times on the last drive when he could have fallen down in bounds to keep the clock moving.... Green was an ok coach...like Childress...but not the kind of coach that will bring a Super Bowl win... oh well....it gives us something to converse about I guess... hopefully Childress proves me wrong....time will tell...
  9. the difference is that Childress had a timeout to get the play and the personnel he wanted to run the play they were going to run. Favre obviously made a bad decision(never should have been in that position anyhow) on that last throw...but he didnt have a timeout to decipher who was open or not...he had to make a quick decision...and after the beating he took, most likely(and understandably) was pressing a bit. I understand that everyone, including the coaches, were feeling pressure, and there were plenty of things that contributed to the loss...but the 12 men on the field...there is no excuse for that. none whatsoever. for those of you who think he is such good coach, why couldnt he figure out that they should have chip blocked Julius Peppers with a TE or RB in that game? its not like it hasnt happened to Jared Allen this year....at least he took responsibility for it after the game... or that spread formations are what is needed to get Peterson some running room? do you really think if they ran rice/berrian wide with harvin in one slot and Shiancoe in the other slot that teams would stick 8 guys in the box? if so, someone will be wide open. it is not rocket science as some would have you believe...childress likes to use all those fancy words to impress people...its football, not literature class.... took him half of Petersons rookie year to figure out who their best running back is. I could go on and on about this guy... not letting Frerotte audible to a pass from a run with 8 guys in the box? are you kidding me...he admitted that in a press conference last year... Childress does some good things but apparently his ego gets in the way...thinks he knows it all when obviously he does not... he got cranky with Favre for audibiling too much...and then wanted to pull him from a game they were leading 7-6 in the 4th...brilliant...with home field advantage within reach.... they win in spite of this guy...not because of him. Favre has his best season ever and they come up short. without Favre, they were maybe a wildcard team...This was Childress's 4th season, and without Favre, it would have been mediocre at best...
  10. with all the weapons they have on offense, it doesnt take a genius to move the ball up and down the field. The defense is Fraziers responsibility..and they did their part, obviously. The turnovers should not have happened...but they did. and Favre got them into position to win it...and then a major coaching blunder put them out of fg range. have you ever seen a Parcells, Shanahan, Cowher, or Belichek coached team have such a major coaching blunder at such a crucial time? I havent...that is why those coaches have numerous world championships under their belts. good coaching and preparedness wins close games. By the way, a good coach would take the blame for the 12 men on the field issue...players do not insert themselves into a game...coaches do. we will see what Childress has to say in his press conference later today
  11. I agree 100%. but the vikes window is getting smaller...and after the next season or two who knows. I dont think anyone can say with any certainty whether he will work out or not. there have been many players over the years who have been written off that end up having pretty solid careers...so you never know. lets hope as Vikes fans that Favre comes back for one more season...they will not be deep in the playoffs without him....
  12. bak2MN, its great to be a fan, isnt it? I thought during that drive that finally, finally, they were going back to the Super Bowl with a great chance to win it...then the penalty...unbelievable. this team will test your loyalty like no other...been waiting for 30+ years for just one Super Bowl win...just 1. Hate to say it, but I am convinced it will not happen with this coaching staff. I really hope Favre comes back next year and proves me wrong...we will see...
  13. there were alot of things you could point to that caused this loss. However, a silly penalty in a crucial situation is inexcusable. Players make mistakes during the game, which is a lot faster than it looks on television. However, an NFL head coach should be held accountable for such a blunder. no ifs, ans, or buts about it. this is squarely on the coaching staff. you make darn sure you know who the 11 are, especially when you sub as much as you do. should have counted your 11 and had them separated from everyone else so there was no question. heck I can even count to 11. they had that game won, but our head coach blew it, plain and simple. I have said this before, and I will say it again, he is not the guy to bring what most of us fans want...a Super Bowl win....
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