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  1. Sorry ADMIN! Only sayin, what I was thinkin. [Note from admin: Be sure to read forum policy before posting again. Thanks much]
  2. [Note from admin: please read forum policy before posting again. Thanks much.]
  3. I have the same problem, shared with one freind, now he fishes them all the time, with other freinds of his............. I will never tell anyone of my newest honey hole.
  4. Is there such a thing? I used to think so, till tonite. Me and a few others were fishing one of our local spots here in the northland tonite. Fishing was not the best but we were having fun. In comes a guy from the bay, and parks 50ft from us, and the worst was he parked where we were casting. Didnt even skip a beat he and his kids. Needless to say, we were not impressed, I know the guy personally,(from the cities) and wanted to give him a good toungue lashing, however, with the kids in the boat I decided to refrain. He will hear about it at a better time. Now, I feel this was a bit overkill on his part, and I know I am not alone. I say, distance at a minimum should be twice what you can cast. Trolling is the same, but more tolerable, but not when you are anchored. Use some common sense people, it is not that hard to figure out when you are way too close and %@^%#%&# ticking someone off.
  5. My guess is your abtteriers are worn out. You wouldnt think it, cause the little use they get, but it does happen. Where do you store them in the off season? If you keep them in a cold place it will speed up the aging. Keep them in a basement or at least a heated space in the off season, this will help. One thing I always thought too, is that wiring the batteries together, wears them out faster. Dont know why, but when I did this, it was a two year deal, then new batteries. It is better to have the boat wired with two seperate leads, one for each battery.
  6. Ohhhhhhhhhh man! I feel your pain brother! I cant tell you how many times I see idiots that drive their boat right into the water, before it is prepped. Sit there and untie on the ramp, or forget to untie the back while it is already backed into the water, or boat plug etc...etc...and the worst yet to date, last weekend, some one-who-thinks-I-am-silly, no trailer just a truck, parked in the middle of the circular approach to the landing, yes.........PARKED! I wonder where he was from? Proper etiquette: 1-Arrive at landing KNOWING others will be directly behind you waiting to launch. 2-Stop well short of any ramp or approach with room for any other boater to pass you and launch when they are ready. 3-Dont be afraid to tell someone else when they are wrong and impedeing following boat traffic. If you do not let them know, no one will. 4-Ask someone that is having trouble if they need help. Ususally, this will get their attention that they are in fact, impedeing traffic and they need to get a move on, or at least they have someone will to help move the flow. 5-When you drive boat off the lake, move well ahead so you will not stop the flow of others waiting to get out. Simple rules, easy to follow. Problem is, too many people have no common sense anymore.
  7. It is illegal to purposfully fish for a species out of season, eithere c and r or not. You can however, catch them unintentionally while fishing for other species in season, but the out of season fish must be released immediatly. Example: If you go to the Red Lake River Mouth in Washkish, and have a crappie minnow on, you will catch walleyes. Just throw them back. Funny thing though, you would never think of catching a walleye in its spawning grounds while fishing crappie eh? Yet, people continue to do so every day. LOL!
  8. LMFAO! Yea whatever buzzy..........I see a few guys makin some pretty bolt statements on here is all I am getting at. Do you agree? Or do you think the teams blew it all on purpose? Sounds like you feel to the latter of the two to me. Lucia, Sandelin........doubt they told the team to not win. But then again..........you all seem to know what you are talking aboot, LOL!
  9. Wassup with the armchair atheletes on here. Or maybe I should say keyboard atheletes? Did any of you actually play in any of the games mentioned? Or are all of you soooooooooooo smart you figured it out with the help of the TV and newspapers? If you aint on the ice playin, dont be too quick to judge, I doubt there is a coach alive, that would tolerate a mediocre game just because it was meaningless.
  10. Good point Rolly, I only got girls myself. As for the womens hockey...............lets hope my girls were better at hockey than I was.
  11. Ask Raj22 from this site, I hear he has first hand knowledge on tip up laws.
  12. As many times B4, I went out on my local lake, a clear deep lake, and the eyes are all over, but no takers. Tip ups a no! Jiggin a NO! Sett line with a bobber, NO! Tried several colors, jiggin techniques and still they wont go, is it just me or is it a problem all over? PLEASE HELP! I am gettin tired of seein all over the camera, and no bites.
  13. I have a Marcum and a Aqua, both work very well, and fun to use. Last nite we had cameras down, perch everywhere, hundreds! Then all of a sudden, eyes moved in but did not activate. At least we know now they are down there. [Note From Admin-Please read forum policy before posting again]
  14. Definitly let the fish play you first, when he is ready, he/she I guess, will be a lot easier to lift through the hole, unless you are impatient, which is easy when you got a hawg on.
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