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  1. Hello, Im heading up to the cabing this weekend and bring the wheeler. Does anyone know if any good trails around Brainerd, Baxter, Cross Lake, Pelican Lake, Nisswa, etc...? Did ditch riding get banned in Crow Wing? Thanks for any help.
  2. Quote: I would also like to add a question. I am looking at some type of ATV vehicle. I will be using it strictly for ice fishing. My question is, is there a better choice for cold starting? I live on a lake and would leave it down on the ice so I would like it to start when it is very cold. How about the new EFi's. DO they start better? Thanks for any help? I will say this for Polaris. A buddy of mine has 2 Sportsman 400's that I rode for a weekend. The temps were sub zero... as cold as -30 wind chill. We left them out one the ice and they started right up thte next day... My Grizzly 660 has been a little tough to start even at 15-20 degrees. But Ive never had it not start.
  3. Quote: Looks like I have a lot of good ATV's to choose from. Is there any that I should shy away from? Any models that had quirks/problems? Thanks, Corey Bechtold I was doing a lot of research this fall on this subject. The only machines I was advised to stay away from was the '03 Grizzly.... and Polaris in general. I know a lot of folks love their Sportsmans but I kind of got a bad taste after one I was looking at over heated. I did find a really nice '04 Arctic Cat 500 for sale. Very nice but very stripped down. The rack system is awesome. But once I rode the Grizzly 660 I couldn't get on anything else without comparing the ride to that. It RIPS!! and it pulls a Fish Trap Through a foot of snow without a problem. Weighs under 600 lbs... which is what most of the 400's weigh... and it has the locking front diff. With the Griz in 4 low, dif locked, and 25' Mud Lites you can go anywhere. Mine has aftermarket hand and thumb warmers which are awesome too. Im a bigger guy and didn't really like the size of the 400's. So I agree with alot of the advice here. Take a ride on whatever you plan to buy. Ride older models, brand new models, slightly used models, big ones, little ones, then decide.
  4. AlexHeihn

    ATV Trailer

    I have one of those 4X6 trailers. I works great if all you want to do is haul your ATV. But you can pretty much forget about getting anything else in there with it. I have to strap the portable fish house onto the ATV rack sideways and its pretty tough to manage that alone. I'd look for something a little bigger if your situation calls for trasporting anything besides the wheeler. Good luck!
  5. AlexHeihn

    Spring Browns

    Laclavon ` yes I thought it was on the designated trout pond list of the DNR. I thought that meant it was stocked. yes ` a meal and a challenge do co-exist. I just want fishing to be good for my son and my sons son.
  6. Before I scrolled down and saw the hawk I thought you were taking a picture of what was going on in the truck in the background
  7. AlexHeihn

    Spring Browns

    I think Lac Laverne is closer to St. Paul and adequately stocked with trout of all sizes for those who like to keep a few fish. That might be a better option for those who want a meal and not a challenge.
  8. Wild Morels pan fried in garlic butter... Im getting hungry just thinking about it.
  9. AlexHeihn

    Spring Browns

    Great! I've been looking for a book to read. The seed has already been planted for fly tying and rod building Im going to take a look at the stream on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, I won't have time to fish (given that I haven't ever thrown a fly on the water I probably shouldn't even call it fishing). I just want to scout it out and get a feel for it. I'll have the wife, kid, and the dog along so if our gang doesn't scare those fish away I don't know what would. Thanks for the location insight. Im going to be looking for some of those spots on Sunday. Also picking up rocks and looking at bugs with the kid. He's 3 so he loves that stuff. Should be fun. Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
  10. AlexHeihn

    Spring Browns

    tie flyer- Thanks for the crash course! I was going to PM you where Im headed but for some reason thats disabled. I can kind of tell the difference between wet and dry flys. I think Ill actually have to throw one on the water before I can say for sure. I've read a little about flys but I can't seem to find anything about the tendencies of the fish. I have a cabin near the creek so Im stopping there Sunday morning to look it over. Ive never been there before so it should be pretty cool. Its a small creek with Brookies and Browns that dumps into a popular lake. The creek itself has had a ton of restoration from what Ive read. Im not sure how the fishing will be but at this point that does't really matter
  11. AlexHeihn

    Spring Browns

    Being new to the sport of fly fishing Im just now learning the ins and outs of casting and patterns. I am going to be hitting a stream in a couple of weeks for my first outing. I hear that there is an abundance of Browns down there but Im not sure how to fish them. I was hoping there might be some folks around who know a thing or two about fishing browns. 1) Where in a stream do you look for Browns? What water levels are optimum? 2) What fly pattern would you use in late May/early June? 3) What approach would you take? Upstream and let the fly drift down over? Cast across their noses? Let the fly drift? Im fishing a weight forward floating line with a 4X leader and 4 lb tippet on about a 4/5 rod. I have an assortment of flys but I have no idea what they are! Obviously Im a rookie so any help is appreciated! Thanks Guys!
  12. Anyone have any they want to part with??
  13. Actually, I just got back. I was using a 4 inch white tube... then I tried an assorment of other things all tailed with a peice of smelt. I think I was going a little too big. I felt lots of pecks and slowly downsized. Right before I was about to leave empty handed there was a guy about 20 yds away who leaned out of his portable and asked me if I wanted a 13in rainbow.. YES!! I saw that he was using a rattle spoon and a minnow head. Alot smaller than what I had been using. I sat there for a couple more minutes and he gave me 2 lakers. He caught one on an airplane jig and the other on a rattle spoon both tipped with minnow heads. He gave me some spring spots too. Nice guy.Lives on the lake. Thanks for the fish stranger!!
  14. I am going up to Grindstone tomorrow AM for the last trout day of the year outside the BWCA... I have no idea where to start drilling holes. I though about trying right at the boat landing where there is a sliver of deep water and an extremely steep break. I figured I could deadstick for rainbows and jig for lakers at the same time! Does anyone have any other suggestions about where to try, what depths might produce, or if there are anyunderwater springs that might affect ice quality? Thanks for any help! Its much appreciated!
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