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  1. I have stayed at the Amercinn in Marshall many times. I think it is 10 bucks for the dog, but it is a decent place with good food right next door. 20 min's max to Ivanhoe. It can be scary if you are hunting during deer season. I take that week off. Let me know if you need another gun and dog!
  2. Great hunt! Our trip to canada this year was not as good as that, but plenty of shooting. I just made homemade sausages this last week and they turned out great. I ended up using 75% goose and 25 lean turkey. Turned out very good! Again, great hunt!
  3. I hear ya. I have never hunted it on a weekend, but I have heard how bad it gets. Not too bad on weekdays! Thanks for the info
  4. I have not had the chance to hunt down there in a few years. Did they make it WMA and if they did I am guessing you can no longer use motorized decoys. That true? Thanks
  5. I have used pronghorns for the past 5 years. However, I have purchased new ones every year or had to send them in to danner to get them fixed or new ones. They fit like no other boot I have put on my foot, but I have to agree that the wear is just not that good. I can't wear cabelas boots, I have bought several pairs and they just don't fit me right. Also, my upland boots are always uninsulated. I have hunted in 20 below and if i am walking my feet will not get cold.
  6. Any chance that is T8 hood? If so it has to be mine. I left Anoka around 1 am sat morning and when I got to Mille lacs it was gone. If that is it you are my hero!
  7. If you like pheasant it is very easy to never put a bird in the freezer. I don't feel like I should have to justify myself, just seems to be the way things go on this site the last couple years. I was just trying to push the point that we have a great hunting population in this state and you don't have to go out of state to get great hunting. I got 54 the year before that and the bird #s were up from this past year. And yes I do count the birds I shoot, I keep a tail feather from every bird I shoot over my dog, it helps me remember the fun I have had with my dog! All those birds are shot on public land except for one weekend of hunting. I am lucky enough to be able to take most of the fall off to hunt and I only pheasant hunt in MN. Trust me it is not that difficult, if you put the hard work in. All it takes is hip boots and some sweat! Well, sure enough I felt like I had to defened myself. Ohh, well!
  8. I will do both, but with shooting 64 birds in MN last year I can't give that up! I will say this, fewer birds means fewer hunters. Last year I didn;t see as many birds but I had the best year ever. For one the dog is getting to his prime at 4 years old and two, I busted my [PoorWordUsage] for my dog to get to those birds. I love busting my [PoorWordUsage]!
  9. I have a gun that shoots 3 1/2 inch but rarely shoot anything but 3 inch bb. It is a very good round to use when shooting ducks, darks and snows. Can drop the big boys at a long range and can drop ducks without too much damage that have the landing gear down. Put the shot on target and the birds come down. Nothing wrong with having a few more bb's in the shell using the 3 1/2 but from my experience it is not needed. Good luck
  10. Just purchased 70 doz sillosocks (used) and I am currently building another ecaller. A few more full body mallards are in the works and will spend the rest of the summer stocking up on ammo. Ammo and gas seem to be the most expensive.
  11. Been doing the Canada thing for years now and I dream about it all year long! Snows, blues, Candas and ducks oh my! I would like to try a sea duck hunt.
  12. I bought a pair of pronghorns 5 years ago and they were by far the best boot I have ever worn straight out of the box. Fit great, super light and dry. The problem is I go through one pair a season. Two years ago I purchased the warranty at cabelas for $50. Full replacement under a year. I just picked up my 3rd pair for that $50 and this time I got these new ones with the protected toe, that is where I wear mine out going through cattails and hard packed snow. I also only wear uninsulated all year long. I would buy new ones every year anyway. These boots just fit like no other I have put on my feet.
  13. OHH, this year you can also have a 3 days limit.. so bring another cooler We will be up 2nd -8th WOOOhooo
  14. Been going to that area for about 8 years. Ducks will decoy into all spreads and you really should not have a hard time getting limits of ducks. We have found that canadas really don't want to decoy into the snows. For snows the movement is key along with a good call. You cant use a electric call with ducks or canadians in the spread and to finish snows you need an e call IMO. I think we have 60 dozen sillosocks and dont bother with full bodys for snows anymore. Also, if you have a vortex decoy machine buy some sillosock flappers and put those on it. We used 3 of them last year and it was insane for both snows and ducks, leave it in the trailer if you are shooting for dark geese. When you scout try to find fields where ducks and canadians are using and another that the snows are using and in the morning check the weather. If its cloudy,windy and pray for fog grab the snow spread. If its going to be sunny and no wind, grab the full body canadas and spinners and pound some ducks/geese. I will never go to north dakota again when all you have to do is drive 5 hrs north and have first shots at these birds and almost no other hunters. We have never been turned down on access to a field unless someone else was hunting it and that only happened a few times. Have fun!
  15. I thought I could edit this post to "gone" but I could not find the edit button. It was gone off the street before I was done cleaning the garage. Thanks for looking
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