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  1. Your not going to want a light arrow, heavier arrows go through water better, and penetrate better. I personally like the muzzy arrows with the barbs that flip back when you unscrew the tip.
  2. Don't think there would be much difference in lures, the standard lures should work equally well on all lakes
  3. I used to run 80# power pro, but still broke line when I got a backlash casting heavy lures. Last year I stepped up to 100#, and havent had any trouble, but 65-80#, will due 90% of the time.
  4. Mille lacs, greatest musky lake ever!!!!!!!! in my opinion anyways. I personally like the bionic bucktail, spinner bait style, I like to add a big twister tail on the back hook. When I started Musky fishing I bought tons of lures, I usually only use four. 1.Bionic Bucktail spinner bait 2.Doc's(like a jackpot, but a lot bigger) 3.Top Raider 4.Pig Good luck on Mille lacs this summer I'll be out there searching for that elusive 55 incher.
  5. Top Water-Zara Spook Cranking-White Spinner Bait Jigging-Power Bait Tubes
  6. The best areas to fish are where a creek runs into a bigger river. We always use a basic lindy rig with about a half of night crawler. You can catch them all spring as soon as the ice goes out, but it is better in late april and may. white suckers always run first, and redhorse will run a little later.
  7. I talked to my freind, and he said he only found the pattern on one lake, and could never get any on other lakes. I forget the name of the lake now but I know it was in the Faribault area. I guess he did catch quite a few, biggest was around 25 lbs, and I know he was fishing right in the weeds.
  8. I don't know about you guys, but that "ice out" term always makes me depressed. I hate it when ice fishing comes to a close. At least until musky opener.
  9. I give it at least a week or two..............but hopefully sooner!!!!!!
  10. I spend most of my time shooting carp south of Staples. The problem with this is I work at a resort on Gull Lake, and that is an awful long drive after work. Anyone have any suggestions on someplace to shoot closer to the brainerd area. Preferably in creeks, or some place where I can wade in. Thanks for any input.
  11. One of the guys I fish Lake of The Woods with started ice fishing carp this year. He used minnows in real shallow water like five feet or so. He told me the first day he discovered the pattern, he had six rods, caught four fish, and had everyone of his rods spooled. He ended up using a musky reel on a custom ice rod he made. Not sure exactly how or where he did this, but I can find out some specifics.
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