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  1. IslandMan24


    The Vikes should pick up the wide reciever Plexico Burres what do you think?
  2. This lake is not near you...but if your heading up to red on the way there you should stop off at Island lake near northome. there are some Big perch on that lake. Try the bars out off dockside.
  3. IslandMan24


    Could anyone tell me what the heck is wrong with the Wolves this year? they were good last year!
  4. No, the fact that you just got a polaris means that you are a fool. i see that most ppl think that honda atv's rule over all other atv's. Thanks for letting me know that!
  5. Arctic Cat rules over all sleds. The F7 will kick any of your polaris dump. If you want to show up your neighbor's two up, or any other sled. Buy a Arctic Cat!!! Does anyone agree????
  6. I just got a New 04 model of a Honda Forman rubicon with GPS cape. (500cc) How will it compare to other 500cc models?
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