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  1. How in the hell do all you so called pitching coaches here think he was going to hurt his arm if they would have left him in to try for the ultimate pitching goal,you guys have been listening way to much about this 100 pitch bull [PoorWordUsage] ask someone who knows like Nolan Ryan the BEST ever says its all a bunch of [PoorWordUsage],I have no idea where it came from but its [PoorWordUsage] hell high school pitchers throw more than that,I dont see alot of them hurting and the pros have a hell of lot better trainers.
  2. NEVER TAKE A CHANCE FROM A YOUNG BALL PLAYER TO BECOME AN ELITE PLAYER FOR THE DAY.It probably will never happen again in his career.Feel for you Kevin,hope Gardentard at least apologizes to you.We will never know what the outcome would have been,and for you people who think he threw enough pitches if you get the chance to ask him please do.
  3. Zamboni you are 100% correct when a player (Slowey) is in a possible cooperstown game YOU DO NOT TAKE THAT AWAY FROM HIM! Gardy might have to answer alot of questions on this one not to mention the 40 plus thousand fans rooting him on if he enters the 8th and gives up a run you gave him the chance now we will never know,and tho say we need him for the rest of the season is B.S. if that is the case there wouldnt be any no-hitters thrown then again Zamboni I coached alot of baseball in my life and you never take away a possible chance of a life time game.
  4. Well its here the dreaded off season,first of all let me say that there is no better game on earth than baseball and I am a part season ticket holder and pretty much knew what was going to happen as well as all of you knew but I will say if we are just going to be a major league farm team, to the big franchises then sell the g.d. team,we all knew that they will ride the new stadium meal ticket for at least 5 years and by that time the big names like morneau and mauer and cuddyer will be in the same boat as hunter was this year,been a twins fan for years but I for one am sick and tired about hearing about big cap and small cap teams so something has to give either with the oweners or the league but as long as the twins put 2-3 million in the stands every year this will continue to happen I am just a fan of the game and by living here the twins but something has to give it doesnt help when we have a tight (Contact Us Please) for a owner either.Just my 2 cents.
  5. Mitty

    Manager Ejections

    Spinner I dont now how you found that but thats the Earl I remember when I was a kid boy was he entertaining when him and Billy got going it was great can you imagine if sports center would have been around then it would have been great thanks again for the video.
  6. Mitty

    Manager Ejections

    I know years ago Earl Weaver was the guy to beat he had some classics nice video bull head that was pretty good.
  7. Heck he should of had one last year also, not many better than Punto at third plus he has that little flash about him when he comes up with those plays.
  8. Mitty

    New Beachballer

    Whats up G looks like you have been putting some wallies in the freezer goog for you I like that Jesse Cradke but it is true he is the new BEACHBALLER get your pool going o.k. let me know if you need help.Got a lot of baseball going now but lets try to get out you can show me your spots or are they the same old ones,let me now.
  9. Big Dave your exactly right they should have walked the guy but I think with Gardy out goofy Ulger was dumb founded,he has made quite a few questionable calls already this year in my opionion.
  10. Mitty

    New Beachballer

    Just trying to get some excitement going.
  11. Mitty

    New Beachballer

    Now that Radke finally threw in the towel its time to come up with a new BEACHBALLER and I will nominate Beachballer Jesse Crain this guy is a BUM every time he comes in you might as well shut the game off because he will blow it now I know some of you on this board will reach out and give him a big hug and defend him but the truth is no one wanted him in the off season and now you know why I for one say dump this bum before its too late.
  12. is it true that the life of the battery is only 4 hours can you buy one thats longer life than that?
  13. is it true that the life of the battery is only 4 hours can you buy one thats longer life than that?
  14. Mitty

    Fire Gardy

    It isnt Gardy they should dump its that clown Ryan boy what a garage sale junkie first Battista,Seirra,and goof ball White that cant hit without playing the field yea right then he brings that goof ball Nevin in what is that all about Ryans the one that has to go.
  15. Mitty


    Hey Fish always have been and always will be a Twins fan just trying to keep these MILLION dollar babies in check I could pat them on the back every day like the rest of this board but if I did that then you wouldnt have anything to write about and wouldnt that be boring its o.k. to be a little different from the rest of the pack oh by the way for what Radke gets paid and we might as well throw Hunter in there too they are still over paid BUMS.
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