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  1. I think Ole has made some good points. I would like to see more research on this issue. Someone once told me that there is only like 10 states that have closed seasons. South Dakota is open and their Walleye and Perch populations have been doing great. From March to bass opener I feel like there alot of wasted daylight. If the season were to stay open I think more people would be eager to get out there and fish, travel, and spend $$$. Like Ole said maybe a catch release season work as well. But like I said I would like to see more research. I feel the DNR is stuck on the way it is now, so if we really wanted to do something we should contact our state representatives. Just a guys opinion You walleye guys have fun in 9 days!!!
  2. West Metro Bass League May 31 Clearwater June 6 Sylvia/Twin June 20 Maple Lake July 5 Medicine July 18 Sarah Aug. 1 Sugar Aug. 15 Waconia Aug. 29 Pulaski Sept. 6 Buffalo
  3. Blackbass, I am in a league that also has a event scheduled on May 31st on Clearwater. What time is your event taking place? Clearwater is definately a big enough lake but access and parking may be limited. That was the only conflict that I saw.
  4. Trophychaser, I have fished many lakes in this part of the state and know a lot of people who live there. The last two lakes I would fish for walleyes are Amsden and Blue Dog. Amsden is ok for musky and really good for rock bass. Blue Dog is like the dead sea, but sometimes they get decent pike. Most of my fishing has been during the winter. I have had the same results as you on Waubay. I talked to a guy that stayed at Roy Lake this winter and they did really good on the walleyes. It is also good bass lake for SD. Good Luck
  5. I was wondering if anyone knows the Minnesota DNR rule for accessing a lake through a public right away? There is a lake that is spiting distance away from the road that I would like to fish it but I am not sure if I can access it from the road.
  6. Jester, there is a new forum for advertising litters... please use that for placing an ad. There is a link at the top of the page to contact FM on how to place your ad. Once you've paid and gotten approval you will be allowed to place your ad here or on other forums.... Thanks for your cooperation. Good Luck! Ken
  7. Thanks Tubejigger I have been on that site before but had not seen that scale. I was looking at the info on it and it says that measures in .2lb and .2oz increments. Does that mean that a fish that weighs 2.3lbs. will weigh in as 2.2 or 2.4?
  8. BlueBasser Cabelas currently are having a sale on their E-Glass series rods. Normally they are like $35 and are on sale for $15. They are out of 6' Med. Heavy but they do have 6'6 Med. left. For reels Pflueger makes decent reels for a low price. Good Luck
  9. Thanks bass-o-matic I will do that. I have looked at hsolist but most of them are small postal scales. I did see a good sized postal at Sam's Club but am not sure how well those postal scales work.
  10. Hellow, I was wondering if any can help me find a good scale to be used for weighing fish for fishing league? I am looking for something that I could sit a small basket on. I have seen some decent mail scales but am not sure if they will work that great. Thanks
  11. TheJester

    Dropshotting 2

    I have made this post because for some reason I could not reply in the other "Dropshotting" forum. Deitz, I was wondering how up from your sinker do you usually have your lure or worm?
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