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  1. WalleyeStriker

    Looking for a Fishing Partner

    NDSU student here!!! I do alot of icefishing on Devils on the weekends. Hope to hear from ya!
  2. WalleyeStriker

    How old should your kid be to inherit your old Flasher?

    I would agree with the above statement! Just gives you a reason to buy a new one....
  3. WalleyeStriker

    Favorite Fishing Rod

    What do you guys think of these new Triumphs from St. Criox?
  4. Is there a chance you would just sell the sleeper by itself? If so how much?
  5. WalleyeStriker

    Favorite Fishing Rod

    I do have a couple of favorites ranging from G.Loomis to Ugly Stick! I dont know about you guys, but for my all around favorite rod I would have to go with my Fenwick HMX 6' ML. What are you guys favorite rods?!
  6. WalleyeStriker

    Slip Bobber line

    MuskyBug, When you mean 4-8lbs do you mean mono or braid? Because if you are having trouble with the bobber stop going up or down.. you might want to pull on the two-ends of the stop to tighten it up a little.. Just my 2 cents~
  7. WalleyeStriker

    You can tell me, really!

    Yeah my spot is called "Lake X" and me and my dad only know about... But yeah I have a few of those "spots" that I would never give away to anyone!! P.S. Dont tell too many people.. Word gets out and you might have some pressure on your hands!!
  8. WalleyeStriker

    Slip Bobber line

    The only way I'll use braided line is if I'm icefishing with Tipups going after Walleye/Northern/Muskie. And If im trolling for Northerns or Muskies. Hard to believe anyone using braided line for slip bobbering.. If you do.. You might know something I don't!
  9. WalleyeStriker

    walleye/pike opener

    I wouldnt mind having another countdown!!
  10. WalleyeStriker

    Slip Bobber line

    Depends on what your fishing for... Are you slip bobbering for Walleye?Panfish/Crappies? Me personally I use Trilene XL Smooth Casting 8lb for Walleye. Then if I'm panfishing I use 4lb Cajun Advantage. Hope this helps ya!
  11. NDSU student here! I fish pretty much every day! (unless im stuck in Minard Hall for 6 hours) Give a shout back!
  12. WalleyeStriker

    NDSU Ducks Unlimited

    NDSU student here! Shoot me times and date
  13. WalleyeStriker

    Devils Lake Report

    Hey Jeff, I met you at the Ice Fishing show in December, I go to school at NDSU and we talked about meeting up on DL! On January 20-22 Me and a buddy are heading up to DL and I was wondering If I could meet up with you and follow you around the lake? Please send me an email back, so we cant talk about our trip! Thanks, Lee [email protected]