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  1. Use your HSA money and go to an optometrist. I got bifocals on my Costas. Happy with the purchase. If you pay more , you tend to give em more TLC. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Fished Whitefish in the rain today. Bass were biting decently. Caught em all on drop shot. Water temp was 46. Cold next week. Winterizes the boat tomorrow, a sad day. It was a fun year. As always, I learned a lot and look forward to next year. Ice fishing just isn't that great.
  3. What part of the River? It's slowed down for me North of Brainerd on the river. What was the water temp. Thanks
  4. Hit a lake by Hackensack on tues. Had pretty good action for 48 degree water. Caught mainly smallies. The drop shot rig in 12-15 fow was the best. Got a few on Dt-10's as well. Shallow was slow for me. No pike two trips in a row. Got one more trip for sure. Good luck
  5. In SD last week we caught smallies in 10-14 fow with DT-10's and drop shot rigs. Good luck. Stay warm.
  6. ssaamm

    SD Glacial Lakes Trip

    Just got back from Roy Lake Resort. Windy! Using plastics was not in the cards as a result. Smallies were hitting crankbaits on Clear and Roy. They ran a little bigger on Clear on average. I told my guys in the boat that Everyone online says that Roy is good. Rock piles had steady action. Nice to know it's possible. Pitching jigs and plastics was a fun way to pull walleyes out of the oaks on Opitz.
  7. Heading out to Roy Lake Resort for our annual Fall trip. Temps are dropping, and I'm sure it'll be windy as hell as usual. Club Eden and Charlie's will hydrate and feed us just fine. We usually hit Clear and Waubay for bass. We fish Opitz for walleyes for an afternoon as well. Do any of you have any other lakes that are worth hitting for bass. We've tried Buffalo, Enemy Swim, and Horseshoe. Any tips would be appreciated. We stay at Roy and usually struggle there and do better on the other lakes. Thanks, Sam
  8. ssaamm

    Aluminum vs Glass

    Do you need to change your habits with a glass boat. With my aluminum I fish The River a bunch in the Fall. I beach it on gravel when I launch at a fairly primitive launch. I've heard keel guards help. Do I have to install it or do they come with keel guards? I've got my share of dock rash on my 12 yr old boat. Is it like a car, when you get the first door ding it's no big deal anymore?
  9. ssaamm

    Fall tactics

    River smallies. Jigs and crankbaits.
  10. Had a similar issue. The in line fuse was blown. The LED light was green. One battery was charged. The other wasn't. I wonder how long this was the case. I replaced the fuse. One battery is %100, the other is about %75. Might be as good as I can get it. Good luck.
  11. We have had good luck on Waubay and Roy for smallies. Some nice largemouth in Roy,too My brother caught a 32 in walleye out of Roy a couple years ago We go one a spring trip and fall trip. Usually do better in the fall. Rat-t-traps and x-Raps worked for us in the Spring. Charlie's in Lake City is a good place to eat. Doesn't look like much. Club Eden is a good bar. We usually catch a walleye or two to eat while smallie fishing. You will do pretty well I bet. There are lakes everywhere. We are going to Roy in a couple weeks. Post how you do when you get back. Good luck.
  12. ssaamm

    Anyone have a Talon

    I'm heading to Waubay, Roy, clear, etc soon. I'll have it ready.
  13. ssaamm

    Anyone have a Talon

    Hi everyone. Tackle is organized. Reels are filled with new line. Boat is getting organized. Thinking about getting a MinnKota Talon. I can get a decent price on one. Has anyone used one or have any experience with them. I'm open to hearing the pros and cons. Thanks. I'm mainly a bass fisherman.
  14. Thanks for the info. I'll probably stick with what I've got. I'm sure I'll find some other gadgets to pick up
  15. Reading about the new C & R early bass season has me fired up to fish. I know it'll be a while. I used to have an old MinnKota autopilot 42 or so pounds of thrust. I upgraded to a used 74 or 78 pounds of thrust cable drive MinnKota. I think its a Maxxum. I really like it. Strong and very responsive. If I've had a couple it can almost throw me out of the boat if I'm not careful. The newer MinnKota's with the anchor feature that have universal sonar look interesting. I know they are not cheap. I have a Lowance on the bow. It works fine. I spend most of my time bass fishing lakes and the river in the fall. I do walleye fish a bit, too. Should I appreciate what I have or are the new bells and whistles worth it? Thanks for any input. Sam
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