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  1. I personally didnt get out on opener, but I sure would like for some of you die hards to tease me a bit with some pictures from Opening Day and weekend especially from Mille Lacs...
  2. Wow that must hurt, and it looks like alot of brain strain, no need for that. I work at Pine Country Bank, and know her from there...LOL She was telling me what a fisher lady she was, well there is the proof. Ifshe fishes like that I need to have my wife hook up with her sometime and learn a thing or maybe even 2. Well maybe sometime we can hook up as well and you can show me the river. I am new to this area so any help would be great for me.
  3. Nice Smallie, I wonder if she fishes as well as she does title work Hmmm, bet I have you thinking now.
  4. I have a 51" Pike that was done by Artistic Anglers on the wall in my office in Little Falls. Matt Yernatich is the master artist there, and I'l tell you this much, I dont think Ill ever have a reproduction done anywhere else, My Pike is Phenominal, and if I remember right the price just wasnt too bad, but extremely worth it. GREAT FISH BY THE WAY DONT SEE MANY OF THOSE NO MATTER HOW GOOD OF AN ANGLER A PERSON IS!!!!!!!
  5. Hmm, just wondering who this is. I am from Grove City, and spend alot of time in Litchfield.
  6. Wow, I thought a 4 stoker would do a little better on speed then that. I have a 1775 with a yammy 115 2 stroke and I run at 43mph completely loaded. Must have something to with the propping I would imagine. Does sound like a great deal though.
  7. Thank you for the response. Most of those are unfamiliar lakes to me, so I had better pass.........Again TY
  8. Does anyone know of any catfishing on the Mississippi near Little Falls area?
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