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  1. I personally didnt get out on opener, but I sure would like for some of you die hards to tease me a bit with some pictures from Opening Day and weekend especially from Mille Lacs...
  2. BamBam1970

    Smallmouth Bass '05

    Wow that must hurt, and it looks like alot of brain strain, no need for that. I work at Pine Country Bank, and know her from there...LOL She was telling me what a fisher lady she was, well there is the proof. Ifshe fishes like that I need to have my wife hook up with her sometime and learn a thing or maybe even 2. Well maybe sometime we can hook up as well and you can show me the river. I am new to this area so any help would be great for me.
  3. BamBam1970

    Smallmouth Bass '05

    Nice Smallie, I wonder if she fishes as well as she does title work Hmmm, bet I have you thinking now.
  4. BamBam1970

    One Kid, One BIG fish

    Approx. 37.5 pounds
  5. BamBam1970

    One Kid, One BIG fish

    I have a 51" Pike that was done by Artistic Anglers on the wall in my office in Little Falls. Matt Yernatich is the master artist there, and I'l tell you this much, I dont think Ill ever have a reproduction done anywhere else, My Pike is Phenominal, and if I remember right the price just wasnt too bad, but extremely worth it. GREAT FISH BY THE WAY DONT SEE MANY OF THOSE NO MATTER HOW GOOD OF AN ANGLER A PERSON IS!!!!!!!
  6. BamBam1970

    Where to go???

    Hmm, just wondering who this is. I am from Grove City, and spend alot of time in Litchfield.
  7. Wow, I thought a 4 stoker would do a little better on speed then that. I have a 1775 with a yammy 115 2 stroke and I run at 43mph completely loaded. Must have something to with the propping I would imagine. Does sound like a great deal though.
  8. Thank you for the response. Most of those are unfamiliar lakes to me, so I had better pass.........Again TY
  9. BamBam1970

    Cats on the Red opener stories

    Does anyone know of any catfishing on the Mississippi near Little Falls area?
  10. Where are the events at?