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  1. The bad news may have to get a new job. Hope not, the family likes it here. The good news, if I have to go back to the rat race will be making a lot more money. So I am thinking about a new boat. Will be keeping the Tuffy Muskie Rampage, love it but miss a tiller boat? Has anyone been in a Backtroller boat? I like the idea of removable front and rear casting deck extension, for my Muskie fishing alone plus Perch fishing with the family. Like the size of 17 and a half feet. Tuffy 1760 is definitely under consideration too.
  2. Remember Mothers Day is Sunday walleye opener is Saturday. Fish Saturday and try and get the Family fishing Sunday if it is OK with Momma. In my case it is OK.
  3. years with little or no snow cover you can find green weeds 12 FTW look for a hole in the weeds bare bottom 10 to 15 ft across it can be a great thing on Winne, and Osakis do not know about Mille Lacs.
  4. I have an 1985 tuffy musky rampage my friend in alex has a newer tuffy. love the boat and if it ever wears out i will get another tuffy. lots of folks brag about there new boats talk to them after 25+ years and see if they still love there boat like i do
  5. Have a 1955 Johnson 25 hp that runs like new and a 1985 Merc Mariner 90hp that is in great shape. Have an 80's Johnson 2.5 hp that is a little fussy. The motors that I know about that have really needed to be babied are Force, Suzuki, and Chrysler.
  6. Thank you Bobby Bass for the news i read every chance i get and dream of moving back north someday.
  7. Out on Clear Lake today my youngest got yellow bass 11 feet deep northeast of island. last week got perch and walleye from DNR dock north side at sundown.
  8. what is the width and floor width. my oldest is handicapped and i have to fit an over sized car seat looking thing to prop her in the boat. Is it a tiller? or steering wheel boat. I have a trailer.
  9. what is the width and floor width. my oldest is handicapped and i have to fit an over sized car seat looking thing to prop her in the boat. Is it a tiller?
  10. I fish without electronics on lakes that i know really well, like Koronis fished there for decades. On new water use old flasher and GPS to find my way back after dark. I keep thinking about a camera but i am too cheap
  11. Claer lake Walleye are hitting on bigger jigs in deeper water bounced hard on the bottom. Worth county pits kicking out Crappies and Bass on leaches.
  12. Bobby Hello from Mr. Perch. Hope things are well. Had to move to Iowa to find work. I hope to take the kids camping at uncle Al's homestead on lucky bay, maybe in May if the weather is nice. Sure do miss "God's country", trees down here are called corn and the only thing taller is the wind tribines. Oh well, got a good job and can make the drive to Lake Iwanttobethere in a day anyway. hope you did not miss summer and god bless Mr. Perch
  13. Clear lake (Cerro Gordo) A few keeper size and lots of small ones, its starting, happy days.
  14. Clear Lake (Cerro Gordo) Small waleyes, non keepers by the island at sundown. Nothing off Ritz yet, but this week of warm weather should get them going. Sliver lake (Worth) perch are just starting, about a dozen bullheads per perch though.
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