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    OMG! What a joke

    Sorry Dtro, worked very hard and payed a lot of taxes. The difference between you and me is you can't see the forest for the trees. There are a lot of people paying low taxes and making millions in dividends. They don't work hard, they don't pay much tax. Just working hard doesn't mean you make a lot of money, nor does it mean you pay a lot of tax. Romney is a posterchild of wealth and low taxes. He took less than his full deductions in order to stay above 10% tax rate on 13 million in income in 2011. He isn't the only one in that group by a long, long way. Obama, too, pays too little in federal income taxes. When I say taxes are too low-I don't necessarily mean yours, but believe me...taxes are too low in America. If we borrow 38% of the funds used to run the government-taxes are too low. You don't have to like it and politicians won't say it, but I guarantee you I'm spot on. The Teaparty can't win by telling you taxes are too low. Picking on 3 years olds is much easier. Just sayin.
  2. danfall

    OMG! What a joke

    We are borrowing nearly half of the money to run the government. None of the wars have been paid for... Taxes are too low. Next time you look in the mirror; you'll be looking at a freeloader. Like Jack Nicholson said, "You can't handle the truth". Much easier to blame someone less capable than you than appreciate we borrow too much. Man up instead of blaming the WIC program. There are also 5.2 million vets on disability if you want to blame the 'freeloaders'. I'm only pointing out the wrongness of your statement, not the wrongness of disabled vets. Regards. I gotta get away from these political posts and look for a fishing hole!
  3. Two lines for the operator of the boat or when fishing from shore. It costs way too much money to drive up north and fish alone trolling a single line, for example. Fishing is hard enough-see no reason why a single guy in a boat can't run 2 or 2 guys can't run 3 lines, or a guy shore fishing can run a second bobber, or a bobber and a crankbait. Wisconsin and I think ND has a two line rule per person anywhere. I don't fish alone on a trip far off because I can't stand running a single line by myself in a boat - seems dumb. So I rarely fish alone. It costs the state in tourism revenue for certain. I know the other side of the coin is fish mortality, but it never really works out to be a huge fish killer running a second line for me, cuz if they are biting well, I always drop to one anyhow.
  4. So, was this spring netting? And where on Hudson Bay about? Why was the water so murky? Are there any polar bear there?-it looked like you had a gun in the boat, but couldn't tell for sure. Thanks-enjoyed the video.
  5. danfall

    OMG! What a joke

    Typical anti-government post... Whine and complain when government doesn't meet your expectations, scream bloody murder when its time to pay the bill with taxes. If any politician had the cajones required to stand up to you and the rest of Americans, they'd say it is high time we raised taxes and stopped all the borrowing. Instead, the guys running the House keep beating the old dead drum suggesting cutting spending for the WIC program free loaders (3 year olds)will solve it all. What a hoot! Returning to my real reason for visiting here. Where they biting?
  6. I think the Mn DNR has done a pretty decent job of managing the resource. Limits are lower than ever before. I have fished stunted lakes and found mismanagement is generally in not allowing more liberal fishing on those waters. Bluegill are a unique fish. They don't always grow big just due to tight limits. Some don't have the genetic disposition and some lakes don't have the food. I personally think a limit of 20 stinks. If you go fishing one week a year and get 35 sunnies; you do a lot less damage than the guy who takes 25 a week all summer from the same lake. I would advocate for a registration system, where you are allowed say 100 a season max and you need to declare each catch, but you'll never see sunnies treated like ling cod in BC when it isn't done for walleye either. The best plan is regulate where need is great and educate best practices. As much as I enjoy sunnies, I don't agree with the article fully because I think the dnr is doing a decent job.
  7. I have 2 sleds. 99 Ski doo bombadier GT (2 seater) 99 Polaris XCR 600 (single) Both have 3/4" lugs and are made for trail riding, but I hate not being able to go through anything 8" or deeper without fear of getting stuck. TracksUSA told me I could change the drive sprockets on the XCR and get a 1 1/4" track, but the machine is still pretty low and I think it'll still be tough to steer and basically float on the belly. Are there risers or something for the tracks? Do I need to do the same thing with the other one? Does anyone know of any good articles or places this is done locally to make a sled more usable in deeper snow?
  8. I see a lot of air bubbles when I prime and I have to prime like mad to get it to start. Is it something simple like the primer itself? I don't know diddly about these things, my wife likes them more than me.
  9. OK, but in all sincerity, has anyone been over a honey hole before? I've been fishing more than 1x and caught a limit in minutes and we just kept on fishing because it was so darn fun. I've had to make the executive decision to pull my fellow fisherperson's off the location cuz we are killin' fish. The bass guy really ought to have reduced the dead fish to his possession and had a fish fry, no doubt. Ontario regulations on Conservation licenses are 1 fish per person for lakers. It is hard to get a fishing crazy old guy like my uncle off a great spot after he boats one fish, and if it gets gilled and floats, how many people really stop fishing if its an early fish? Too tight a regulation is also a problem. But it isn't easy to catch one fish in the morning at 8 am and stop fishing for the day. This is a whole entirely new line of thinking for fishing people, myself included. Personally, I flatten barbs, and reduce trebles to singles if things are too hot.
  10. What is the expectation for July 2-9? Would everything be the same, but deeper? What are the water temperatures? Last year when I was out, the water was a bit cold. Thanks. I'm trying to decide between Algoma and the Apostles.
  11. With that, I plan for the boat to be fiberglass unless someone can convince me why to go with aluminum.
  12. whitefish (for the taste) northerns (cuz they are everywhere and ez) walleye (taste) bluegills (taste, everywhere) steelhead (fight) lake trout (for the fightn fun) salmon (if I can get 'em) bass (fun) any other fish (fun)
  13. I am in the market for a boat for the great lakes/bigger water and I'm wondering how big to go. I've been out on pretty bad waves in a 16' Lund Predator, but I couldn't fish. I'd like a couple of things for sure in the new boat. An aft cockpit for fishing, with a for'd cabin/cuddy. I really like the Bayliner Trophy boats, and I've seen them ranging from 20' to 25' feet that look like they are trailerable and under the 8' DOT requirement. I'd like less power, versus more, and I typically stay within 10 miles of shore unless there was a freakishly calm weather forecast. How different is a 20 footer versus a 24 footer for handling the waves, for example? And does anyone have any boats they really preferred for handling in rougher water?
  14. Seaworthy, after we had it out on 6' seas in George's Strait in BC. I got seasick, but the wife was able to take over for me after I got us to an inlet in a very pathetic and sad man day. Apparently, I'm not worthy of the boat, but I thought you'd all get a good laugh. Consumption of alcoholic beverages the nite b4 played no part in my failure (ahemm).
  15. My favorite bait for shorefishing is hands down a nightcrawler. I present it differently for different situations. In a river, one of my favorite ways is a little splitshot and a single hook. In MN to make it a lure, you can add a bead, but I don't always follow the law to a T. A great way to fish, you can simply find a good area and keep your shadow off the pool where the fish are and let the crawler drift downstream. The fish are waiting for such a thing and I've caught some dandies this way. On the lake, I really like a lindy rig and a crawler rig. I rig the lindy with a splitshot for speed. That is, I put a tiny splitshot below the lindy to stop it. Sometimes I'll blow up the crawler with a worm blower so it is easier for the fish to see. I typically drag the thing in on what I call the painful pace. That is, with a reel with a lousy gear ratio and as slowly as I can go. The advantage to super slow is that you will always have tension on the line in most situations and you'll cover some ground. An alternative lake fishing method is with a bobber. I typically only use a half crawler on a bobber because a half usually is good enough for most fishes and a whole one seems to scare even a nice gill off. Ironically, when I'm not shorefishing, I rarely use the crawler unless I'm targeting the shoreline.
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