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  1. Spinner rigs are the Mille Lacs staple this time of year. With spinners you can move a bit faster than the jigs and lindys and thus you were most likely coming in contact with more agressive fish. You were probably trolling right past the neutral to negative fish and picking off the active ones. Personally, spinners are probably my favorite presentation. You can really fish them at almost any speed by simply adjusting the blade and weight sizes.
  2. LEP, I am confused at your complaint here. A wet turkey head has no more resistance than a dry turkey head and I am assuming that your third shot was the farthest of the three shots and it knocked him dead. correct? Therefore, I would say that either you can complain about consistancy and quality control, or you missed... At 30 yards, I don't think a body shot will penetrate enough to kill a bird but it would probably shake him pretty good which is probably what happened on the first shot. Regardless, shoot what you prefer. I will vouch for the shells. My Benelli M1 & factory full choke is putting 12-20 in the head and neck at 40 yards. And they have plenty of energy. I rolled one at 42 yards last year.
  3. Either you have a goofy pattern or you missed. At 30 yards, 6 shot lead has more than enough momentum to penetrate and kill.
  4. An ultralight is probably not the best option...Fun? sure it is for a while but day in and day out a medium light or medium rod will probably be your best bet for the walleyes and bass and a medium heavy rod for the pike. An ultra light doesn't give you much hook setting power or control over the fish, not to mention the lure weight limitations you are putting on yourself. Small jigs, sure it would work but are you going to be able to pull cranks, bottom bouncers, etc? I don't think so. If I were to take one rod it would be a 6'-6 1/2' Medium action spinning rod. If I were to take two it would be a 6'-6 1/2' medium light spinning rod and a medium heavy baitcaster.
  5. I'll be north of Grand Rapids for the weekend fighting the leaves and ticks.
  6. Some may see this as "assisting the internet scouter" but its not meant as that. It is meant to save this guy some time and stress... I also live in Bloomington. I have hunted just about every public pudle and field around the south metro. I will give you some places to stay away from (an no these aren't my honey holes and I'm not trying to save them for myself) if you don't believe me, go ahead and try them. These are listed from worst to no as bad... 1) RICE LAKE 169 and highway 13, the absolute worst display of skybusting, location choking, early shooting, bad calling I have EVER seen. take my word for it! 2) CARVER RAPIDS, may be decent mid week, but its a heck of a walk to go hunt with 50 other guys, skip the walking time and drive another hour instead of walking. Too many guys and they all want the holy grail of a goose. They will stop at nothing (yardage wise) to get one. Be prepared. 3)Anything else within an hour of here. My advice to you (if you haven't gotten it yet) is to spend the extra time driving to get a decent hunt. If you think about what I am telling you, you can picture what it is like out there. Hunting the metro is often like fishing minnetonka on the 4th of July. Sure you might have a decent day numbers wise but your blood pressure will also skyrocket. PM me with any questions.
  7. http://www.fws.gov/midwest/MinnesotaValley/documents/hunting_regs.pdf If it isn't on here, and is labeled as MN Valley NWR, it is not open to hunting.
  8. That is MN Valley National wildlife refuge land. Some of it is open to certain game and some of it isn't check their HSOforum or pick up a flier that they have available at most parking locations along the refuge.
  9. This is why most serious dog trainers are now force fetching/trained retrieving their dogs. When you tell the dog to "fetch" thats is what the dog does, regardless of where, what, how thick, how tired, etc. "Fetch" is no longer a release command for the dog/puppy to go and get the dummy/bird because they simply want to get it, it is now a COMMAND. Command is the key word there. As you stand right now, when you say whatever key word to your dog to run out and pick up the bird and come back, he/she is most likely doing it because of their own enjoyment. When a dog that has been through trained retrieve/force fetch is told to "fetch" it does it because it is told to do it. Don't get me wrong, the dog will still love doing it, they just realize that it is time to work and no more messing around. Thats my summary that I offer you. Let me know if you want more info. FF is best done by a trained pro's guidance the first time through however. You don't want to do it incorrectly with a risk of ruining the dog with too much pressure. I highly recommend looking into it though. Your dog will be much more reliable and trainable.
  10. dhuth

    Bogging motor

    Its an '88. I think I'll run some carb cleaner through it and see if it crispens up.
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