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  1. Good News and Bad News... Had an awesome day out on the water. On Pool 4, we count number of species. Me - 5, Hubby - 4 My total number of species includes the CARP I somehow snagged on the fin and reeled in using my ultralight rod. That was a treat. Hit on a nice, consistent crappie bite mid-afternoon (which I dominated ) And then Hubby reels in two nice EYES. Go figure. He barely tolerates fishing. No fair! Bad News... No GTG for me. (this time) You gals have a blast!
  2. My boat is a Crestliner 1850 Sport/Fish with a 190 hp inboard/outboard. It's HUGE and heavy. But lots of room. A couple livewells. I can back it up, but trying to crank the winch takes the strength of hercules (or my hubby... same thing). Last time I tried, it wasn't pretty. We're going out today. Hubby promises to give me lessons. Will let you know how that goes. Will add fishing report if we catch anything. Thanks for the info!
  3. Better late than never reply... Wow, I can't believe it's been that long since I've been on this forum. I'm SO EXCITED to see how many women are on it. It's nice to know that I'm not the only fish-crazy woman in Minnesota. To answer your question... yeah, it would be great to steer myself over the best spots.... but I still haven't learned to operate the boat. It's way TOO MUCH boat for me. And hubby's secret plan is working. He knows that if I can drive my own boat... I'll be on the water and not at home. He's a pretty smart guy. However, I've adapted... bought a fishing kayak. I'm interested in the Women's GTG next week! Would someone be able to teach me how to launch and load my boat?!?!?
  4. Hi Lisa, I kayak LOTS and love it. I noticed that your post was from May and it's now August. Not sure if you purchased a kayak yet, but I've kayaked small lakes, the Mississippi, and fished from my kayak. It's great, once you figure out where everything needs to go. Make sure you get a stable kayak. Mine is an open cockpit Wilderness Systems, Pungo 120. I absolutely love it because of the seat. It has 6 point adjustment to keep you comfortable while yakking. I've kayaked with a stringer full of panfish tied to the end of my kayak, and that's not real easy... so continually trying to modify it. I definitely recommend getting a kayak. It has taken a while for me to find other women who want to get out kayaking, but now that I have, it's a BLAST!
  5. Hey Gals, I was on this forum last year. Nice to see a few more women here. I now have a BOAT and have been fishing Mississippi Pool 4. Having a great time learning the river and Lake Pepin. Still need hubby to trailer the boat... but he's a good sport, letting me spend hours on the water trying new spots, etc. I've been fishing for walleye and panfish mostly... and actually catching some! Got an electric fishing knife for Christmas and I cried for joy... need I say more? Looking forward to hearing from the gals.
  6. Nice to see I'm not the ONLY one who is online at this time of night... Hey, check out: kayak fishing stuff dot com for TONS of good information on rigging kayaks for fishing. Most of the people on the site are into salt water fishing, but the info is still good. Plus they have stuff you can order to outfit the yak. Can you recommend any good kayak fishing lakes? I'm planning a camping/kayaking/fishing trip in May and it would be nice to try out a quiet lake.
  7. Nice pics, guys! What do you do with your paddle while you're fishing? Mine is 2-pc, so I can break it down and stow it in front, but I usually like to have it handy in case I need to do some quick maneuvering. And where do you keep your tackle, etc? Also, I need to figure out a way to get my kayak on top of my van by myself... so I can get out on the water without having to talk someone into going with me. I LOVE that homemade kayak cart! That would be handy. Hmm.. so much to think about.
  8. Oh. I'm planning on taking the kayak out on the backwaters of the Mississippi tomorrow for the first time this year. I'm going to take note of what I need to make this vessel more fishing friendly, and THEN decide whether or not to invest in $2000 worth of kayak just to be able to catch a crappie or bluegill. Speaking of... will I be able to find crappies or bluegills in the backwaters... without electronics?
  9. After spending HOURS online, researching Hobie Outbacks (and the PRICES) I'm beginning to think that I should just stick with my Pungo and make some fishing adaptations, like a depth finder, paddle clamp to hold the paddle next to the boat, and rod holders. I already have a small anchor, but no good place to attach it. Last year, I mistakenly attached the anchor rope to the strap on my pfd rather than the seat strap...real smart. What do you mean about attaching cleats so you can change directions when you're anchored? I don't get it.
  10. Good point about the sit-in type and staying dry. I hadn't thought of that. I'm also looking at kayak fishing websites that provide info on how to rig your kayak for fishing. However, that seems way too complicated for me, but I'll learn if I have to! So where do you fish from your Dagger? I'm thinking that I'd have access to more secluded (and less fished) lakes if I used a kayak rather than a motor boat. But, I'm a rookie... and don't really know that much.
  11. I've been fishing from my Pungo 120... only panfish so far. The Hobie has a mirage drive pedaling system that keeps your hands free for fishing PLUS there's an optional sail (and all the rod holders, anchor, etc) I'm thinking this is IT for fishing. Price tag about $1500 (a regular kayak is about $500 - $600) There's a place in White Bear Lake that is the Hobie distributor. It's a sit-on rather than a sit-in. I'll keep my Pungo because it paddles nicely whereas the Hobie doesn't paddle too great... but who cares about being able to paddle if the pedal system works as well as they advertise?! It seems like a great way to sneak up on the fish, not to mention, being able to get into lakes where motor boats can't get to!
  12. Matt, thanks so much for starting this post with the awesome pictures. It really helps clear up some of the confusion.
  13. Hey Guys, Here's another addition to my never-ending series of questions... I'm thinking of buying a Hobie Mirage sport fisherman kayak. Has anyone fished from this type of kayak and if so, I'd like to know your opinion. (You guys are always SO helpful! Thanks!) Now, if only I could actually CATCH a fish!
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