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  1. Sproguy

    Predator Lakes

    It is my personal theory that if a lake has good weeds the Muskies don't effect them as much. If a lake is open devoid of open water weed beds they push them into tight cover situations generally shallow. There are of course exceptions but overall if a lake (such as Forest or Bald Eagle) has little to no deep grass and Muskies I grab a flipping stick and go shallow. I also tend to feel that overall (not all days) the bass won't chase a moving bait. I think nature has taught them that if you head out into open water moving fast you become breakfast for the bully on the block. I fish a lot up in Hayward area and it has become a rule that largemouth come in the thickest cover around and rarely will chase in open water. They will come out from under some pads to eat a fluke or spinnerbait but they won't touch a spinnerbait on a point. Just my theory.
  2. Sproguy

    Good Fluoro

    In my opinion you get what you pay for with Fluoro. The best I have tried and what I use is Sunline. Now it is expensive but I get a full season out of each spool up because of the quality of line so it makes up for it. I have also had good success with P Line, and also Seaguar Tatsu. Again the Tatsu is expensive but it seems to hold up really well so you get full value for your money.
  3. Great looking ride! As they said to me in Mountain Home, AR when I picked mine up, "Welcome to the family!" Enjoy!
  4. Ok so we have all had deer patterned with certain areas and certain times but here is one that is down right creepy! Quick back story: In 2010, I passed on a nice 8 pointer that at the time appeared to be a 2 1/2 year old or a medium 3 1/2 year old. It was hard but I passed. I named him "Lucky" because like any buck you decide to pass on he stood broadside in front of my stand looking the other way for about 5 minutes. I just sat there and thought you Lucky......, you know. In 2011, The same buck (or so I assume, same rack look but bigger, always tough with 8 pointers in my opinion) was walking in with enough mass and height to shoot. The day was 11/11 and it was about 9:45 in the morning. He got a little wind of mine and to my disgust he walked away before he gave me a shot. Lucky....... Well in 2012 I haven't seen him on the hoof but on 11/11 at 9:45 in the morning he walked in front of my stand! (have to adjust the clock for day light savings) CREEPY!!!! How's that for a pattern! Ok next year I'm in that stand on 11/11 at 9:45! Pretty sure this is him as the one thing that stood out for the last two years was that his main beams come so close together.
  5. Great Buck! Congrats on a great hunt!
  6. Great buck!!! Congrats and always fun when you have a good story to go with it. Not that it was fun in the moment as you were freaking out inside. It all came together, way to go!
  7. E 2, I can't tell yet but we haven't cut him up yet. We looked him over pretty good that night to see if we could figure it out but nothing stuck out. That goofy left side is why his name was Lefty of course but also one of the main reasons he was on my list. Just a super unique character buck, you don't get those very often. This is the first year hunting this farm so no cam pics from years past, so the story is unknown, but maybe in 10 years over a beer I will come up with a cool story on how the left side got screwed up.
  8. Thanks for all the kind words guys! We have all been there, I was there in 2010 (terrible mistake), 2011 was a buck disaster, only saw one shooter buck all year and he winded me. I was ready to give up and never pick a bow up again. Then it happens. Never give up guys!
  9. Let's be super clear here, that is one fine buck anywhere but you put him on public land with what happened and that sir is a TROPHY!!!! GREAT JOB!
  10. Guys, Typing this because many of you are frustrated and feeling like it isn't going to happen this year. Well sometimes it comes together when you least expect it. Here is my story, sorry if it gets long. Put cameras out in June and kept getting pics of this same big buck that we named Lefty for obvious reasons. Nothing during the day! I have 4 bucks on the land that we felt were clear shooters no questions asked. Lefty was one of them. Took Friday thru the 5th off, had an ok Friday morning an active Friday evening seeing bucks, no shooters but still could tell the bucks were on their feet. Saturday, had a slow morning sitting in a stand on top of a ridge that is a bear too get too quietly. Switched stands and Saturday evening had tons of activity and several chase scenes go by me. Grunting and running, fun to watch but impossible to shoot. Did pass on a solid 9 that needs another year on Saturday evening. Sunday morning came with that goofy SSE/SE wind. Totally screwed up my morning sit. The afternoon came and I decided to get in early around 1:30. Got settled in and by 2pm figured out it wasn't going to work. The wind was totally against me. I decided to climb down and hunt for does for the evening as I just knew the gods were against me. At the last minute I decided to climb the hill, even though I promised myself I never would no matter what during the day and not at 2:45pm! I complained to myself all way up and decided that no way would I see a shooter deer after making so much noise. Kicked three off the hill on the way up and even considered turning back. I got settled in around 3:15 and sat just ticked off for an hour. At 4:11 a 7 pter walked thru and I thought, well maybe the gods don't hate me! At around 5pm a doe showed up. Considered taking her until I saw who was behind her! Bottom line, never give up! Rut is too magical and you never know when the buck on your list of dreams will show up. This isn't the biggest buck I have ever had pics of but the first time in my life that I have had a buck on my so called "hit list" walk by my stand in the daylight hours, while I was actually in my stand! Many posts on here about disgruntled hunters or missed chances. Sometimes and only sometimes it all comes together in one magic moment! Keep hunting hard, I almost gave up Sunday afternoon and went and watched football, sure glad I sat with a grimace on my face because smiles sometimes follow when you least expect them!
  11. CC, So Saturday was amazing with bucks chasing and seeing plenty during the day, granted the best buck on Saturday was a nice 9 just before dark but I saw 8 bucks during day light hours on Saturday. I saw two on Sunday but my day got cut short on Sunday at 5pm, see pic. The moon does make them do a lot of rutting at night but if those does are up so are they! He came in with a doe and I could have done a dance in the tree stand and he wouldn't have looked at me. This is a buck we nick named Lefty because of his screwy left side. I don't have a daylight pic of him since June. He was nocturnal for the past month and I have several from just the past couple of days. Keep in the woods! Weather is right and they are on their feet! Good luck!
  12. I will throw my two cents in. I took this week off of work to bow hunt so I'm banking that day time movement will be high. That being said, before I took this week off I looked back at my logs from the past several years and noticed that there were hot days and cold days and some were during the full moon and some were not. I have gone more to the idea of the calendar and hope the weather helps you out. The weather is an important factor. Last year it was rather warm and very windy during this week according to my log. Saw next to nothing and it had nothing to do with a full moon because it was during new moon. Couple years ago, the full moon fell during this stretch and I had a couple of the best days of my life deer hunting, it was cold with no wind. So I tend to lean that way. Bottom line to me, go hunting and hunt as hard as you are willing to. Good luck, I will be out there and hoping daytime movement is at an all time high!
  13. I started playing with the Swhacker last year and have been real impressed for both flight and penetration. I killed a doe last year and did a ton of damage to her. I have bought both the 1.75" and the 2" size and have found flight pattern to be the same.
  14. Sproguy


    I think that wonderful points have come up over and over again on this thread. I do want to add something. I want to be clear that I'm not pointing fingers but rather am trying to make an important point. Many say that they don't bed fish when the season opens, I respect your view but the reality is if you are fishing during that time frame you are bed fishing. Not every bed is one you can see and not every fish is on a bed, many are just off to the side looking like an "old" bed. If you fish bass during the spring shallower than say 15 feet, sorry but you are going to catch a few fish that are on a bed whether you know it or not. I see that this is a very personal issue to many, but from my view, if you decide like many of us do to head to the Mississippi in the spring, guess what, you are bed fishing! When you catch two fish out of a tree, what do you think is going on in that tree? Same goes for weedy lakes on bass opener, if you are flipping baits in the weed pockets, what do you think is at the bottom of that weed pocket? Again I'm not pointing fingers but so many in our state protect this season to their last breath and then go fishing on bass opener morning and say "well I'm not bed fishing", sorry but yes you are! Many have brought this up, if you want to protect the spawn then the season can't start until July 1st. We have all fished long enough to see springs where the spawn is early (before opener) and ones where it is on like fire on opener and lastly seasons where it is early June. So sorry but if you fish during that time frame, just because you aren't looking at them doesn't mean you aren't catching fish off of their beds. Put them back and for the most part they will be ok. Yes we will loose some spawners to foul hooks and yes we will have some stay out of the water for too long for photos and yes we will harass some beds, but they are getting harassed regardless.
  15. Newby, I shot them both at the recent ATA show. The longer bow (not sure which was which name wise) was a much smoother draw and also had almost not jump on the wall. Very impressive bow! I would encourage anyone to shoot them, that being said I shot about 1/2 the bows in the building and there is a TON of great bows on the market and every shooter should take their time picking the right bow for them. Amazed at the different bows out there. Some were hits and some were misses for me but over all the consumer wins right now.
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