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  1. Redwalleye

    Ghillie suit

    Not saying I care what I look like, they're just a mess getting stuck to stuff, and gettin in the way.
  2. One thing that I found out the hard way was that if there are a lot of deer in the area and you have the best food, they remember feeling good after they eat. Make sure that you have enough of a plot to ensure that they dont mow the whole thing down. On our 120 we have about 7 acres of small plots spread out, some of which were devistated when we were trying to get them established. Biglakebass is right about the sod. The first time I worked ours up was the first in 10 years and found that even with a 2030 JD and plowing, disking and dragging I still think the seed bed could have been better. I've never used a plotmaster but I imagine that if you had the right soil it would work great. If your really ambitious and dont intend to plant a whole lot you might be able to get by with just a gardern tiller too.( Sweat & Blood.) Also see what your soil is like too before planting ( PH and maybe some fertillizer). I usually use 10-10-10 if I can, gives it good boost. Seed- RED CLOVER or rape seed. good stuff, have used some bio logic stuff and wildlife blends, problem is our deer eat clover all the time and the other stuff offers something new to a 'browser' and it is demolished before its any good to the plot. Ive read a few articles about utilization cages which are just some chicken wire over a small spot to see exactly how much the plots are being used. That's too bad about your neighbors, I hear ya, I'm in the same boat. Our Neighbors= BROWN its down. So I go bowhunting before rifle season, and rifle later in the season. I feel bad when I pass some does and fawns that are heading the direction of our neighbors, only to hear a couple of shots a short while later. Good luck with your plots! Good to hear some more people improving their herd!
  3. Savage stainless/synthetic varmiter .223 accu trigger Leupold Vari-x III. Accurate. Cant say Ive shot many coyotes with it though. Lots of hunting pressure and not much time to hunt. Fun target shooter, maybe someday prairie dogs.
  4. Redwalleye

    Ghillie suit

    I made one several years ago with the intention of using it for field hunting geese. They are exatly as they look, A tangly cluster ________. Couldnt imagine trying to shoot my bow out of it. I now own several final approaches. They do blend in well I thought, I used it once playin paintball and left with minimall color.
  5. I use cedar every year. Hens dont seem to mind. I could see for other critters though pine would be good. Atleast I hope those aren't snake egg shells in my boxes Last year ran low on shavings in the last five boxes I had so I took large wadds of dry cattail leaves. that seemed to work well too the hens just matted it down.
  6. I saw one of these goose suits several years ago at MEl's in Spicer, and wouldnt be suprised at all if they still have it. I shoot my fair share of honkers between Minnesota, and a full time student license in North Dakota, and I must say that I am a bit skeptical of the suits. I've seen birds flare over some pretty small things before. Another thing is that it would demand abosolute motionless behavior, no last minute flaging, reloading and not to mention calling. Layout blinds=good in my opinion. I have never dressed up like a goose so I cant say for sure if it works or not, but Ive shot early season honkers in blue jeans too. Overall I probably wont leave the Final approaches at home any time soon. I too would like to hear how it goes if you find one. Jackpine Robs right, pictures would be cool. Maybe see if can get a band to go with it.
  7. You guys are lucky! I am fortunate enough to say that I shot quite a few geese and ducks year as I have in years past but I have never shot a banded duck or goose. However I did shoot two banded roosters in the same flush last year in North Dakota. It was pretty neat to look down at the spurs and see jewelry too. wont forget that. A buddy of mine shot a mallard with a bill tag. couple of years ago though.
  8. WalleyeStriker our next group meeting will be on Feb 21. As of right now we are unsure of the times, and location, however it should be in the evening. On the morning of the 21st several of us will be manning a booth in the Memorial Union. If you're on campus stop by and check us out. Shae- From the participation and attitude we've seen next year is on track to be even more fun than this year. Hope to hear from both of you. Red
  9. Any NDSU students out there? If you havent already heard or become involved, a group of us have been working on starting a campus chapter of DU. We were suprised and excited at the turn out of the first two meetings, and hope that the participation continues to grow. We are currently planing our next group meeting on Tuesday Feb. 21. We are unsure of the time and place but I will post it on this thread when I am sure of it. Any students wanting to get involved are welcome to come learn more about DU. Any questions postem here and Id be glad to answer them. Thanks! red
  10. Didn't mind the looks, but I agree with the previous post about the heads pain in the ____. My new GHG I like alot better because of the motion stands, can t wait to see the new Bigfoots look like.
  11. What month is it ? Thats easy by the weather I would say JANUapril!!! get out the boats is right!
  12. True! I cleaned a 16 inch eye with two muskies inside! no seriously I didnt though haha. dont you wish people like that hear the knock on the door followed by "Conservation officer" right when they got their pliers in their hands. As the great Napolean Dynamite once said " iiiiidoit."
  13. I have two stealth cams not digital though, they have held up though. Stealth cam makes a pretty good camera,mine are out right now. I wish I had digital though so I didnt pay for all of the pictures of raccoons, birds and squirrels. I friend of mine in Wisconsin has one called a Cuddeback. it is digital and takes really nice pictures maybe a little spendier though. sorry I couldnt tell you about your specific camera though good luck
  14. Kinda unrelated but interesting. As I got out of my DU, PH, MDHA clad truck in a public parking lot I noticed a car plastered in animal rights stickers. The clincher was when the woman in the car got out her coat appeared (Im quite sure it was) to be leather. I guess that cow, or steer must have just stripped down for her coat! The best I could do to keep from laughing was smile. Just another ironic example of their methods.
  15. HAHAHA We too have found that the nice lady in the Grenville bait shop is a useful tool on Waubay. I also hear ya about drilling masses of holes. We move about every 5 minutes too. Also, how do you guys do on 'eyes out there?
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