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  1. Yes the sow is still swimming to be maybe caught another day
  2. I fished the 14th - the 18th. Alot slower this year, we iced about 15 fish with at least as many lost. A guy in our group caught and released a 38" that had a huge gut, we didn't get a girth but I'm guessing it weighed at least 25 pounds? Also we caught plenty of fat 34-36" pike.
  3. Freak - we are heading up as well on the 14th. Staying in Snake Bay. What are you guys riding? I'll say hello...
  4. I have gone through so many dang spotlights throughout the years...I finally figured it out, buy one that only plugs into the cirgarete lighter in your boat (no batteries)and you never have to worry about the batteries dying or getting low. I bought a cheapy 4 years ago and it's still going strong.
  5. Anyone know a good hummingbird feeder that doesn't leak and holds up decent?
  6. I have never had an issue w/ starting my 175 hp w/ a dual purpose and I boat alot
  7. Jacob

    Boat Wiring

    Here's what I did this spring. I left my 2 bank charger up front for the trolling motor batteries, and added another 2 bank charger for both batteries in the back. I installed a switch for both batteries in the back so that you can have either battery 1 or 2 going or both. I did this vs. getting a 4 bank because there was no way for me to get the wires to the back without paying someone and by the time I bought 2 new batteries, a charger, the switch and the wire it was like YIKES! In most cases if you have a good starting battery or dual purpose you will be fine. I added the backup for the trips where I cannot plug in everynight and I like my electronics and my music loud!
  8. That makes no sense. I'm a bass and a walleye guy and I would rather do battle with a 25" walleye than a 15" bass anyday.
  9. I have a pair of downhill skis mounted to the bottom of my voyager. It works out great for lots of reasons. I mount them directly to the bottom and through bolt them. I use a round T bolt that I countersink into the wax in the ski then p-tex and wax it in to cover the T bolt. The front of the skis curve up with the front of the sled and the backs stick out about a foot. I drilled a hole in each back part so I can screw in ice anchors to keep me from blowing around. It's especially nice when there is no snow I can push the sled with one foot on a ski and the other kicking like a skateboard then jumping on it and riding it like a sled dog toboggan.
  10. I'm a big fan of the buddy heaters, my original buddy is super old and it takes a lickin and keeps on tickin! I just got a big buddy this year and so far it's sweet. I had 2 of the blind heater cookers and the problem I have with those is they can't take any abuse, way too fragile...the little gas line you have to be careful of and the on off plastic switch breaks off right away.
  11. Sure doesn't look like 70 lbs in the photo. Isn't there a 70 pounder on the ceiling at the catfish inn in Afton from the St. Croix?
  12. I was holding my old Garmin 76S in my hand when I went through the ice. That model floats and I was able to swim over and get it before getting back onto the ice. My buddy lost his wheeler but I saved mt precious waypoints!
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