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  1. As far as hardware the rollers depend on track size normally 2" but some comercial track is 3". The torsion spring (center mounted) is the best and safest option and also makes for a better working door. The spring is made for the weight of the door and there are many different types of torsion (wire size depends on type of door and weight). The extension springs (side mounted above track) are the most dangerous and also don't work as well. I would advise going to a garage door installation place to get the parts and they could probably set you up. I hope this helps.
  2. I think the weather people should be docked pay for inaccurate reports. If anyone else failed to their job well they would be not be with that employer very long. I think the weather person has the most secure there is. Where else can you make mistakes on a daily basis and still keep your job.
  3. The windshield can be detached by 4 allen head screws. It takes about a minute or two to take off. The mounting brackets stay attached to your handle bars. It is very simple.
  4. I have agree with Dave on the Cobra. I have one on my 02 Foreman and also on an 05 Kodiak and they look fine on both. The manufacturer wants you to buy their product so they can charge more money. I believe i paid $99 for the Cobra windshield. Just my .02. Now I'm broke.
  5. I have a voyageur and attached mine to the front door below the window with stainless steel bolts and washers. I use a piece of heavy cardboard with my dnr# and attach the license to the zipper pull.
  6. It is always sad to hear of any tragedy. My prayers will be for his family.
  7. If you go the photo sharing forum and read a post from Rick "No dead fish pics" he explains the rules for posting pictures of fish. It is good to read this instead of risking losing privileges to the site. I would put the link in but I am not able to get that to work.
  8. I have an 02 Honda foreman and have not had a problem yet in over 3000 miles and also own an 05 Kodiak 450 and also only one minor problem (needle and seat kit) otherwise it has been a very good and dependable machine. there are drawbacks between independant suspension and straight axle. My foreman is straight axle and seems IMO to handle a trailer with some weight better than indep. because the weight is on the axle instead of on the suspension, but you do lose some comfort with straight axle. Like I said I like both of my wheelers and both have there strong and weak points. Try them all and buy what think suits your needs. I forgot to add that the Yamaha Kodiak also has the locker in the front end which comes handy where my honda is limited slip and the locker has to added from aftermarket.
  9. Has anyone been on the lake yet? How much ice? Any luck? I am going back to Minot at the end of the month and planning on doing some fishing while back with my inlaws and just wondering what to bring with me (i.e. 4-wheeler, etc.) Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I bought mine last year and have had no problems except the sled seems to be a little on the lighter built side. I punched a hole in mine from a ice chunk (not as heavy duty as an otter). I do like the room inside and the chairs are pretty easy on the bottom side when fishing all day. I added the hyfax and it makes a world of difference when towing. Without the hyfax it really wanders under tow. I think you will be happy with it.
  11. Rick, Thanks for this great site. Hope you will be able to do some fishing for your birthday. Couldn't ask for a better b-day present.
  12. I have a 2002 foreman 450S (manual shift). I have had no problems with it. I like the ability to be able to shift when i want to. Honda also has the ESP (electronic shifting program) on the rubicon and the foreman. The new foremans have a 500 cc engine which would be nice for added power. Honda has never been known for the top end speed on the utility machines but most guys like myself use them for hunting and ice fishing. You can't beat the dependability of a honda. It all comes down to personal preference. If you don't mind shifting the 500 foreman would be the best choice or if you want the automatic go with the rubicon. THe only thing to remember is the more electronic stuff on the machine the more chance of problems. I hope this helps you out with your decision.
  13. Can anyone tell me about the difference between the two for grouse hunting and temperament. I have a 2 year old daughter and the dog needs to good with children and also good for bird hunting. The dog will also be a family pet. I don't know much about the gordon setter and I have friends with golden retrievers. THe golden seems to have a good temeperament. I would appreciate any feedback possible.
  14. If you are looking for a good scope at a good price go with the simmons pro-hunter. I have two of those scopes. One is on my 7mm and the other on my T-3 .270 WSM. The clarity and quality is excellent and not as expensive as a Leupold. I shoot 300 yds at the range consistently and have no problem.
  15. You made a great choice LOTWKing. I can't believe you were able to find one this tome of year. Every wholesaler I deal with can't keep them in stock. I ordered one for a friend of mine in July and had a hard time gettnig one then. Hope you enjoy it.
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