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  1. Nice lake trout bonstrosity, Looks like you have my 35 lb lake trout beat. I can tell that's one heavy fish. Lake trout are one of the heaviest fish per inch. Mine was 43" long with a 28" girth. No comparison to a 50 pounder. Way to go !
  2. Northlander, I'll keep you on my paddling list. I might be biased, but my dad is the best unadvertised paddler/guide in the area. He's still going strong at 47. JKH431, I think those 40 inchers are hard to come by and I just got lucky. Good luck. There still are some that are swimming.
  3. ELY

    Is This Legal?

    Gunflint, I think you opened up a can of worms on this one... hee..hee I always test out my walleye rig a couple weeks before season on the crappies and perch in the BW's . You can come up on Basswood with me and leave the hooks on your lure, because you can fish for northerns year round on half the lake. Might even snag a laker, since the Canadians don't close their season in the spring.
  4. Nice fish Moose-Hunter!! Thanks for the info on your fish. Nice catch.
  5. I live on Fall Lake, but you have to take a canoe to where I caught the trout. It's in the non-motorized part of the BWCA.
  6. Biggest smallmouth I've seen in my neck of the woods. Possibly 6 lbs but its hard to say for sure. Put up one heck of a fight. Caught it on an ultralight with a jig and a leech in 10 feet of water fishing for walleyes in the BW's.
  7. Here's a nice 22" smallmouth I caught and released near my house a couple of years ago. Wish I had a scale.
  8. 43" Lake Trout I caught near my house on June 2, 2004. Estimated to have weighed 35 lbs or more. 28" girth
  9. Here's a picture of my 43" Lake Trout that I caught and released on June 2, 2004 near my house. Estimated weight of 35 pounds or more.
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