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  1. WOW... went out and caught crappies on small tungsten jig and Maki mino, the white with red specs... Wow! Bobber line was dead but jigger with plastics!!! I am sold! Also used 1/64 the glow,head with Maki may fly... not as many but worked!... plastics baby!! What color head do you see working the best for clear water. I had a pink white black tungsten jig head with white red flake minow on. Is there another color jig that works good? Bob
  2. Also, what size jig and kind of jig? Bob
  3. What kind of plastics are you using for ice fishing? I take it they are tipped on a very small jig? I am curious as with summer fishing; plastics is the only way to go and revolutionized my Crappie fishing!! Bob
  4. Went out in the middle of the day on Saturday; Crappies were in 16-21 fow. The White Head/Pink Micro Shad worked very well for 6 varieties of fish. Lots of fun...Really like the Micro shads & Ringin Rats the best. No other Plastics have come close in production for me. Cret
  5. CRET


    How do I get rid of them? They are tearing up my beautiful yard. I stamp down those tunnels but every day there are more. Cret
  6. Ray... Threw my neck out, hope to be recovered soon. Read the "Roche-A-Cri Creek" story under the "streams & rivers" section. That would make a good magazine story. Awsome read!! I am getting into my large mouth Bass stretch now.... "my lake" has a record Largemouth or two in it! D.B. caught and released a 24" last year and had another last week! We got to put our spro Frogs on and get out there at 4:30 a.m. Your boat or Mine? he he Cret
  7. Ray Mysterio - What lake were you fishing? What plastics...color? Cret
  8. The weedline I fish is 3-5 feet on top with medium weed cover....but next to a drop off that goes from 3-20 feet in 30 yards...Perfect. They have been biting very good. Listen to this, The crappies were hitting a bobber with a "ringin Rat" set down 8-10 feet in 15 feet of water. We caught one after another. If you casted you got them; but. had to work it hard and took a while. This was all while it was windy...towards evening, we would take the bobber off and do better because of the wind had died down. when they were hitting one after another, I experimented. 1. Ringin Rat(1/32) 2.(1/16)&(1/32) Power Minnow & Realtrix. 3. Exude curley tails(1/32). By far without question this night......The Ringin Rat was the champ! Not even close! it was amazing! In fairness to the Power Minnow, I did not have the same color head or body, however...the bite was hot and I did try a pink head with a white body. Purple head, purple body....was the ticket. Cret
  9. Corey, Can you show me a picture of the power minnow? I went to my bait store and couldn't find it. Are your jig heads collarless? Also, if you have a picture of the plastic your using called exude? I have been using Ratso's and have noticed a slow down lately...the lake I fish, the spawn stopped 1-2 weeks ago, they were shallow til then. I beleive they are transitioning to deep shortly. Cret
  10. I have heard no talk of the "ringin Rats"? Are you using a better plastic? I have found nothing better than the rat tail, Period! I have absolutely killed the pan fish this year...unbelievable! What is your plastic of choice? Thanks, Cret
  11. CRET

    Trade rumor

    If I have to watch Jaric 1 more game...it is to much. That is one of theworst trades EVER! What a bust! I hope thay trade that guy so bad....Can't stand to watch his awfull play. Cret
  12. Nice Fish! Was out last night on Green Lake, we nailed some nice 10" Crapies in 18-19 feet of water. Again, the ringin Rat was the ticket. Cretbo
  13. I guess after it rained so much before we went out, had a huge effect on our fishing.(8/26) Just went out last night (9/2) and did we nail them! 10"-11" were the nicest.(Plenty of them) we used minnows - Slow, Ringin Rats - Awsome!! Crappies were in 9-15' of water. Cretbo
  14. Just held a Crappie contest with 5 teams, longest Crappie wins, just for fun amoung freinds. Wow, it was slow! We have been nailing Crappies all year, We used R. Rats, minnows, you name it, deep, shallow,went all over, caught 6 Crappies from 7:30 -11:00 am. on Sat Morn (8/27/05) Green lake has been very hot lake for Crappies all year, The thing that was weird, hardley marking anything any where? I was using Markum LX3, just light marks every where, I looked over deep water just off weed lines and even way out from nice weed lines? Nobody marked much at all? It was blue skies and 1 day after a heavy rain? A 10" won. I have been nailing 100+ every time out,have only kept 2-3 meals all year, most all have gone back. Where did they go? HELP! (confidence faultering) lol Cretbo Tried all colors.
  15. Matt & Cory, NIce fish! I went out on Friday night from 6:30-9:30, We absolutely nailed the Crappies and a few nice Sunnies. Boy! That Purple Head / Chartruce ringin Rat was the ticket! Also Black/ purple - char. was superior tonight. The Pink head / white /pink was ok also. Since the hot snap, I was unable to get-out,so I was a little concerned about the action. I found a good deep weed line were a cast was 3-5 feet, and a cast in the other direction was a good 20+ feet. I had the boat in the strike zone,(10-13 feet) we moved along the weed line for a good quarter mile, all you wanted to catch! Kept a few for a buddy who don't go fishing much, otherwize - all went back! The size was a little smaller than last time, but was still some very NICE fish caught. Let me know if you ever want to hook up, You can just drive up to St. Frncis and I have the boat. (2004 18.5 Bass Tracker) and I'll guide you out, and then you can GUIDE me! ha ha! Bob
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