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  1. I love The Nuge's show. It is hilarious. His wife is a fox too . I also like Ron Schara's show too. it always has some good stories that we can relate to here in Minnesota. My least favorite has to be any show with Jimmy Houstan. He's dumb and has greasy hair. He also baits deer like theres no tomorrow.
  2. Matt, i have some friends in Bemidji and might be heading up there sometime soon. Are the pout spawning yet out on Bemidji?
  3. Are the pout spawning yet? I was thinking of heading out to try and find some. Would it be worthwhiole or woud it be a waste of my time? Mark
  4. I like permnent stand on publik land..give the place charactrs..make it look sweet mark harden
  5. markharden

    Coyote Hunting

    i hunt them buggars with a mechanical call....goin to try to take them with my bow this year...maybe the maverick...if all esle fail the colt will do the trick as usually does mark
  6. huntin by virgina maybe usin the good ol bow and scope i was thinkin usin galons of grese from the local restraunts. Just dump it right in the ground...hang a tree stand that easy
  7. Yeah exactly Boilerguy. I'm used to shooting deers with a shotgun. My favorite rifle would have to be a bolt action Savage .22 for gophers.
  8. You go it all wrong Lawdog. I'm very intellijent and very edgeumicated. I'm from the SW part of MN too. Not too far from Luverne.
  9. Oh my bad. I'm sorry. The colt is a 1.3 liter 4 spd. 117 fps.
  10. Bump! Actually the colt has been through a lot and it still runs like a dream. You should see what it does to those bucks. Drops them like a bad habit.
  11. I shoot the Maverick 20 gauge pump. I like it a lot. It can sure take down those bucks. but so can the dodge colt.
  12. Hey, if I hit it with my car thats alright with me. The good ole' dodge colt is a friggin deer slayer. If you hit a deer with your car does it count in B&C? As long as I get that monster I'm happy. Although, I would prefer to shoot it with my bow. Thanks Mark
  13. Rivverrat, thats was me!!! Just Kidding! I don't waste my time staring down a hole through the ice. I'd much rather watch the good ole' Nuge instead. you cant beat that!
  14. Is there anybody out there? I'm curious to know who is capable to score my big buck next year. Hopefully all of my practice pays off! Mark
  15. I was wondering if there is anyone out there who does offical B&C or P&Y scoring. Hopefully this next year I'll be calling your up to come and score my buck Mark
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