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  1. I agree, it is probably the fresh water or even the water heater tank. The gray and black water empty way too fast. Plus, most people empty the big tanks before leaving the camp grounds. One other point, what do you think when someone drives by and their boat is leaking water.... it is a law that says all water has to be drained from the boat.... If it was [PoorWordUsage], turn 'em in, if it was clean water, thank them for wattering your grass.
  2. I have a 99 dodge grand caravan with the tranny cooler and pulled a 19 foot travel trailer a few times. The weight rating was just about maxed out. My recommendation, DON'T do it. Even though I was within the weight specs (just barely) I was white knuckled every time I pulled it. If I was on completely flat ground, no problem. Once I added hills to the equation, that is when it got interesting. You just have way better control of your rig if it is built to tow. Also, as stated earlier, unless the ramps you are using are perfect, you will have issues launching your boat. They ride way to low in the back and you will get wet feet every time you launch. At least I did. As far as the fuel economy goes, my van gets better gas mileage than my Chevy Silverado but it is a no brainer when it comes to towing. If you are planning on doing any amount of towing, I would opt for something that is built for towing and just use your foot a little more lightly on the gas pedal for every day use. Hope this helps in your decision. Gas prices have us all hand cuffed. I want to add one thing. By staying off of the peddle when driving the truck, it actually does pretty good on the fuel economy. The best I have gotten with my van is 25 mpg. I average around 18. The truck average is around 16... that includes a lot of towing and town driving. So, do you really save that much by going with a van????
  3. Thanks for your help! This site is awesome. Shack, in response to your question, I tested the battery with a digital volt meter with no battery cables connected. It had about 10 volts. That is why I thought I had a short.... it ran fine the night before and when I checked the battery with the cables attached, it had zero voltage. I guess that is because the brake lights were on. Oh well, all is good for now thanks to you folks. Have a great memorial day weekend.
  4. KISS!!!!! You guys were correct! That is why I push a pencil and you guys fix the autos. So here is what happened. My wife has a little wicker basket she uses for a waste basket in the truck. It got pushed over just enough to activate the manual switch on my brake controller and apparently the brake lights were on all night long. Everyone was asking if something got left on in the truck and I kept saying it has the battery run down protection... nothing should have been on. Well, I didn't even think of the brake controller. I have never heard such a weird buzzing noise before..... not sure why it acted the way it did. You guys were right about strange things happening when low voltage occurs.
  5. Wouldn't my 50amp starting charger provide enough juice to overcome a bad battery. Plus, how come as soon as I add juice, I get the buzzing and none of my guages work and when I unhook the cables from the battery I get voltage on the battery. I think something is shorting out... I will try the battery.... I think the battery is relatively new though. Maybe kiss is the answer, but it sure seems like there is another problem.
  6. So my wife went to start the truck this morning and it was completely dead... no unlock, no lights, no life. Checked the battery with a volt meter and it read .04... dead. When I hook the battery charger to it, the security/driving lights come on and kind of flicker and there is a nasty buzzing noise coming from up under the dash board on the drivers side. It is louder on the inside of the cab than in the engine compartment. There is what looks like possibly a computer module (just a guess) mounted on the engine side of the fire wall. The noise seems to be in that general area but on the inside of the truck. I can't really see anything but maybe a vent housing on the inside area, up behind the linkage for the emergency brake. I unplugged the battery cables and then took a reading on the battery... It read 9v and was climbing. So 0v when battery attached, 9v and climbing with battery disconnected.I hooked the battery cables back up and left the charger in the on position. Played around with the fan and the ignition and different things an nothing made a difference. I turned the hazard flashers on and off and it stopped buzzing and the normal door open key in the ignition dinger started to ring. Once I removed the voltage supply, and then turned it back on, the buzzing sound started again. I couldn't get the ringer to operate again. Unfortunately I was not there when she turned the truck off so I don't know if it was buzzing then or not. I can't believe she wouldn't have heard it if it was buzzing... who knows. One other symptom is that she said there were a couple of times when she went to drive the truck and all of the radio stations presets were messed up. She thought someone was messing around with her. SO, any one have any idea what I am up against. I called one Chevy dealer and the service man I talked to hadn't experienced anything like that before. I did unplug the seat fuse and the door fuse and the plugs in that little box under the dash, but nothing changed. I haven't played with the fuses in the main fuse box yet.. I will do that after work.
  7. That is one time you should have had a video camera. That would have made a good master card commercial, especially if your buddy hunts geese. Browning shot gun $1000, Black lab hunting dog $300, field decoys $600, Canada geese attacking house dog and unsuspecting hunter in the off season.....priceless!
  8. Okay, it is the cooling down that I am messing up. I just let them cool by themselves. I will give the ice bath a try. I figured this post would get a few laughs.... how in the bleep can you mess up hard boiled eggs!!!! I tried peeling a batch last week for pickled eggs (see pickled pike thread) and they looked like I ate half of the egg before I dropped it in the pickling jar. Which by the way, thanks to the poster that said he uses the fish brine for eggs before tossing it out. My eggs looked like heck but they sure tasted good.
  9. What is the trick to getting the perfect hardboiled egg? I swear I make my eggs the same way every time but some peel easy and others just won't peel at all, even by running them under cold water while peeling them. Is it the freshness of the egg or my technique??
  10. Sounds delicious!! Our opener was this past saturday and the streams were too fast and muddy for me. Nothing like fresh trout. I sometimes just shake them in flour and fry in butter.Yummy!!
  11. merganser

    First Ride

    That is pretty funny. Wish I could get at my motorcycle but it is parked at the back of my in-laws shed behind three campers and three lawn mowers.
  12. We were camping in one of the Anoka County Parks in a tent with an attached screen tent. My head was next to the screened part of the tent. In the middle of the night something was scratching on the outside of the tent right next to my head. I thought it was a mouse trying to climb up the side of the tent so I just flicked the side with my finger. Then the scratching became more intense so I thought it was my sister in laws little dog trying to get in. I back handed the tent trying to shew it away and it started scratching again. I grabbed my flashlight and went out into the screened in part and shined by where my head was and there was a skunk scratching at the side of the tent. My wife had left some buns in a bag right next to my head in the screen portion of the tent and that is what the skunk was trying to get at. Now I am face to face with the little varmit and wondering what to do next. My wife and two little kids are fast asleep. We had a fan going so I grabbed that and pointed it at the skunk. He then ran around to the zipper and started scratching at that. Now I was getting nervous.... if he got in, how would we get out. So with my fan in hand (like that would have helped) I went over and conked the skunk with the butt of my flashlight. He took off and never sprayed. I jumped out and threw a few rocks at him/her and it never came back to our site. I still can't believe I never got sprayed. They must be too tame up that away.
  13. My cousin used to eat his cereal with water.... he didn't like milk. Then when he ate steak, the meat would quiver when he stabbed it with a fork it was so rare. That combo was meat and blood.
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